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And we are back Chris more coming up in just about fifteen minutes or soul Richard there along with Pete Hoffman at the controls taking you through till then with your phone calls at eight seven seven three three seven six six six six Dan and Hackensack New Jersey as well as go ahead Dan what's up Richard what your body I don't E. good pretty good no question but I know you're not a big rock and roll hall of fame guy and they give you two bands one I think will get N. she other I don't think we'll get and the first one I don't think they're gonna get in but I think they should as Los Lobos your thoughts okay you know again I despise the idea of hall of fame for rock and roll I I you know I I wouldn't if I if I did accept the idea probably not quite I wouldn't put a man all right second one I think they're gonna get in may I think it I I I think it's a shame that Green Bay is an MS fans not in yet Soundgarden gotta be at the main thing was that they had over that that whole horror I think it's extremely important your thoughts okay yeah I would I would go along with that okay baseball hall of fame question then I'll hang up hello hello you left but I'll let you do what you gotta thanks how broad McGrath is not in the hall of fame I think he hurt by the steroid era in the fact that I think he was the guy that was clean and because all of the other guys weren't clean their stats are selling point and I think it overlooks some of the great Pacific that he had I mean even the two four header both the five hundred home runs I mean I think it was like thirteen ally the may I think it is sure not a guy that like that doesn't get in the hall of fame I hang up the monthly record well see that that was my biggest objection to the steroid thing because it puts people in a position who didn't want to do that who wanted to stay clean of being at a competitive disadvantage and I don't know that I don't want to support to say okay in order to excel at your support you've got to do something to your body have to put something in your body which could compromise your health down the line now they already do things like that I mean football players guide you know the weight lifting all the stress they put in all the contact they have they're they're compromising their bodies later in life I mean you see football players dying young you see football players limping like eighty year old man when they're fifty so this is something that they agreed to do but they're not putting something into their body that compromises them and baseball players you know baseball players you see ninety year old baseball players hundred year old baseball players you know they take care of themselves they can look for a long time and steroids may shorten their lifespan or cause other compromises to their health so I applaud those who didn't do it in spite of the fact that they knew they could make more money and be more successful if they did let's go to Joseph in Manhattan you're on the fan Joseph Richard good to hear good to hear voice on Saturdays again and that was a great moment with Sweeney at the at the end there so thanks for that but I wanted to follow up with that that you guys are talking about whether or not this is going to work out with baseball could two quick things one I think the other leagues the others pro sports leagues are looking at this very closely with baseball right now going to put balls the federal but the other thing is if this all those work big if this fall is going to be a tremendous time for sports you can I have the U. S. open tennis is going to have the World Series you're gonna have NBA playoffs you can help Stanley Cup you gonna have the Kentucky Derby you're gonna have the masters golf and college and pro football starting you know I'm seriously considering going on a unemployment just like what's well yeah I mean that that's the best case scenario and to me it's maybe not even the best case scenario because I'll tell ya I you know if the masters is being played in November and its opposite football and the jets giants teams and you know I follow route for whatever are in critical football games and you know the the way it usually works just play one giant said for a vice versa and the masters is on what do I watch you know and then you say well you have more than one TV and you watch something on their old computer and you watch it on that I hate that because I can't pay attention either one you know I'm like okay wait a minute you know like even when the Mets and Yankees are playing at the same time okay wait a minute the who's playing okay who's what inning you know you it's just goes back and forth so I I I don't want everything to converge on me all at once but it's better than it's not converging because the disease is not gone and then I think it's crazy for us to think it will be gone by that weather will have a second wave or not they don't know for sure but it's likely that there will be and you know the the argument now well are we on the second wave now ours is still part of the first wave these are the times we live in let's go to Hank brown's mill New Jersey you're on the fan Hank fifty years old guard to be fifty again I know I have underwear that's older than that I'm probably still worth a while it's okay I don't think so I I do think that this whole sixty game should be just that expanded exhibition grapefruit league type of thing look at the back of any vintage baseball card when the guys in those days how to serve in the service they just put it that strict in military service but the caliphate but it was taken away the same thing here everything is going to be a false record it's always been aged have baseball during the the World War two years and the statistics in the champions were still crowned even though a lot of them were serving and weren't weren't part of it so you know those are legitimate years even though they knew they were compromised by the war obviously yeah but they still played a full season this is not easy you know it's just my opinion the record selected all the games five full ones occurred in India that type of stuff that that that should be listed but the rest of the stuff I think it's just adventurous almost none of the state was what what Sweeney said and I think we would these are one of those things where because we don't have games to talk about we come up with scenarios whatever guy hits four hundred would have a picture of you know as a gift to ground wins its third get a site on a row will accounts should account what if a pitcher has an ERA under the one twelve of Bob Gibson that kind of thing and I think you have to just well let's ausaid bridge when we come to it let's see what happens because even the best minds we try to anticipate every possible scenario there's a hundred and one page document of protocols and rules and things that you have to do because of because of it and yet they've forgotten something there's something they haven't thought of I mean Congress writes laws of you know thousands.

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