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I kept thinking about this as i read vanessa golan basque's article about her experience getting her favorite childhood game dream phone released from the milton bradley archives i'll let her tell the story in the early nineties milton bradley released a dream phone a board game targeted at young girls it was the leap over activity for me and my friends since a combined two of our favorite things boys and talking on the phone if you need a refresher here's how you play there are twenty four a boyfriend candidates in one of them has a crush on you actually he has a crush on everyone is playing you pull a card with the boy's face and phone number on it then call him on the big pink cordless phone and he gives you a clue about who your secret admirer is all of these dream boats have generic names like bob mike and fill the clues they give our in negatives like if anything if ever he wrote words i knew where he hangs out he's not at the movies you look around the board to see which boys are hanging out at the movie theater then crossed their names off your list of potential secret admirers when you're ready to gas who your crushes you find his face card and call him if you're right a resounding male voice will say from the phone you're right i really like you.

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