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That was discovered to be the vitamin C that so many people had been looking for which would get him a Nobel prize actually for that effort. Now that the compound was isolated and described affirma- cynical company immediately took out patents to commercially produce vitamin, of course, make a fortune one. But eventually access to Venemen see became very cheap and easy. And it's also in a lot of fresh fruits and vegetables. Yeah. Didn't you figure that out pretty quickly? They were like, oh, this is in tons of everything that right? Oh, yeah. Okay. Yeah. No. It was mostly was testing these these foods. Okay. For that. They were all found relatively quickly. The throughout once once item and see was discovered though cases of scurvy really dropped off. And they were a few cases here and there with a fad diet were you just drink green tea for. That's it and Honey or something tea and fen fan baby. No my God. But I'm guessing that scurvy didn't completely disappear. So Erin, tell me where do we stand with scurvy today? I loved to. They're basically are no solid numbers on how many cases of scurvy exist in the world in twenty eight twenty seventeen or twenty six senior the two thousands for that matter. Okay. So it's a radically. It's definitely not a ready. I really feel. I've said this on a few episodes already this season. I really tried hard to find numbers on this. I couldn't everyone if you're playing a drinking game that's related to the podcast. That's one of the roles. Yeah. Anyways. CDC WHO FDA. They all failed me, nobody has numbers fighting. Yeah. I'm I'm ready to fight some of. And I I have a feeling that it's in large part because because this is a disease that is so easily treatable and preventable. It's not reportable in any real way. Right. It's not something that people are necessarily keeping tabs on at national or international levels. Okay. That doesn't mean that it's gone when you search for epidemiological information on the status of scurvy. What you find are tons like dozens, and dozens of case reports case reports are win physicians after they see a case of something that they don't see very often, they write it up. But I found lots of lots of them all of the US all over Australia Europe. This is happening. Not just in places that we in the US might think sound far away this even happens in the United States. Even as recently as the last few. Two years this year. I'm sure there's been cases of scurvy, but the real question that that remains about scurvy isn't even necessarily how many cases there are. But why these cases are happening because we know exactly what the causes. We know exactly how to prevent entreated. And it's very easy. You don't even need any drugs. You just need a bell pepper or potato or an orange or a piece of broccoli. Right. Right. That's all it takes. What is standing in the way of people getting having access to that kind of food or supplement in another way. Exactly. And so that's really what it comes down to is for the most part. The people who end up getting scurvy have a lack of access. So scurvy tends to still happen today in modern times in populations like refugee populations that might not have access to any fresh fruits or vegetables and have a very limited diet in terms of what they can access and what they're able to eat because they might be getting..

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