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That side of the field for kind of the tv booth Radio booths and cameras. And then kinda the to the laughed which was more from third base over to to home plate which was where kind of the writing media was and then there was a different media center. That was kind of off the Off the grounds a little bit is pretty close to the chicago. White sox locker room so you just kinda had to walk over there and it was a great view of the field. The only the only person i. I felt bad for was set next to marley rivera from espn new york. Because she had a poll right in front of her. And so i was trying to move over a little bit letters see and and but but other than that the views were great for everybody else except marley and certainly was You can see everything going on on the field. What kind of access scott did media have prior and after the game. Yeah there was the typical field and and dugout access Players were able to talk. You know without masks or you could go right up to him. Just kind of like the old days of governor major league baseball there on the field there in the corner they were everywhere and and they had no problems no reservations whatsoever talking to him and then a few of the stars star players couple of each team. Both managers spoke before and after the game and the media center so There was a lot of access there and it was. It was different. It was unique and it kinda brought us back to what life was like pre co vid in some of our interviews but then also i think everybody kind of realized that the importance in the city in the specialness of the game and and so almost everybody was willing to talk no matter it was on the field before the game or anywhere afterwards. What were there any protocols that that the credentialed media had to follow in terms of masking in terms of social distance or anything like that. Yeah there were two. I mean everybody has present a vaccination card to get in and And once you've got and the only other requirement was in the media center which was indoors to to wear a mask The press box was open. I know everywhere around was opened so there was no need to wear masks anywhere else or at least i was not the requirement. Can you give my listeners. A sense of of how this was played in iowa in terms of the lead-up how big story was it so like in relation to whatever the traditional news story of the day would be. Where did this where did this. Mlb event sort of rank there yet started to grow an interest and importance. Kind of i would say a little bit before the fourth of july and it just kinda started to soar and a groundswell of interest grew and then in the final week leading up to the game Once the the lottery for tickets was released it was I haven't seen anything like this since except maybe a few big college basketball or football games but and that night itself it was the big story in the state no question and and it was really a kind of examining the interest.

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