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To box of neutrals? Well, how about you fill out this form? Yellow one. Ah. I was going to say the hood a train rolls on, but it does not. The Herta train has come to a halt. It is halted stopped. Yeah, this is real. Exactly Jared. It's real. And it's reassuring, isn't it? It is. The Colton herself, so let's have a look. So he's tenth in the series. So let me read some numbers for you. So fourth on debut, so it's the only finished tenth. Yeah, wow. Behind Alexander Rossi, Felix Rosenquist, Marcus Ericsson. All of whom most of whom should have super license points. That said, maybe the litmus test was like, oh, the only name I recognize is Roman Grosjean, and he finished 13th. In his second season. So Carlton hurts it now. Hang on, this was this series debutante season. No, it was 2020. So I know, 2019. So hang on. He's had all these years to collect super license points. And you're telling me that he's a gun. So his first, okay, so 2018, hang on, 37, 24, oh yeah, so in the last ride. He scored 20 points, so finished 37th and 2018, bit of a jump the next year finished 7th. So climb 30 places, so maybe the average is at. Maybe someone's going to his Wikipedia and going, wow, he finished 30 positions higher than he did the previous season. And what he was 7th, yeah, 2019, third and 2020. I think he was in the running for that. I don't think it needs to be okay, so his 5th, 2021, and then tenth in 2022. I don't get it. I understand. There's nothing particularly, yeah. Arousing about his performance to put a bluntly.

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