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Thirty seven hundred the last hour. We talked about Isaac Asimov back in nineteen Ninety-three actually nine hundred eighty three. He was actually asked. To predict what the world would be like some thirty years later. And of course, that's twenty nine thousand nine the big year. We're in now second day twenty nine hundred and so he wrote his thoughts down for an article in the Toronto Star newspaper talking a lot about computers talked about how computers and robots would be impossible do without by twenty nineteen. He believes that robotics would actually revolutionize the way we do things. But then he said, and he was talking about twenty nine hundred ninety four saw at space race would be continuing. But it was a little off. Because for some reason, we just you know, we don't work as hard to achieve space goals. We have little, you know, little space goals to bring out some interesting theory. Asimov saw is he he basically foresaw that by twenty nine thousand nine humans would have mining factories and solar power station on the moon. And he said that this would be the beginning of actually, you know, putting together the space settlement and that would be well underway by two thousand nineteen. Now, we have the international space station, but nothing like what Asimov was talking about. And of course, we had a lot of lofty goals for space travel. George W Bush said that we would have, you know, at least men on the moon again by twenty eighteen didn't happen here. We are in twenty nineteen then it's big space night tonight. But not exactly what asthma talked about. I mean, you know, the White House talked about in twenty seventeen about the moon again about space fours. And and these are the things that we're talking about now, I mean when you space program last year. Space program last year. It seemed like everything about the space program was in low gear. I mean, a lot of delays with a lot of NASA stuff, and of course, slips in the schedule. We were looking for new ways of getting the astronauts taxied out to the space station. And then of course, we reshuffled our plans for human spaceflight landing on the moon and all that. So, you know, and like I said earlier, it was annoying that every time there was a big announcement from NASA you'd go to the NASA site, you'd be watching something on video on the computer. And the first thing they say to you is we're not going to announce aliens, we're not going to announce life in space. And so all it was was like all talk and PowerPoint slides and a big yawn. Or so someone who is not a big yawn. Or is the guy we're having on the show tonight. And you know, people always say, Richard Hoagland interesting individual. He really is he's the principal investigator and founder of the enterprise mission. Here's the voice of the the radio internet show the other side of midnight. He's received Angstrom metal the former science advisor to CBS news and Walter Cronkite, author bestselling books the monuments of Mars in the dark mission. The secret history of NASA course, with Carl Sagan HOGAN co created the pioneer plaque and predict your life on Europa in his groundbreaking paper. The Europe the euro a proposal that was published three seven years before Nastase announcement that they were going to send blue-fin. Two euro per to actually go under the water there and fine life. So Richard C Hoagland. Welcome back to ground zero. Good evening Klein, good grief. What a night. I know. It's only the second night of January January of two thousand nineteen. I know it's weird because you last night I got off the air. And I thought what do I want to talk about tomorrow? And I just realized I thought well, you know, new horizons got shot out, and it's going to be landing on older through with truly depending on what side of the tracks. You're on. Now, they didn't land the land. They didn't land. I know, but they were heading towards his four billion years away. No full four billion miles away by correct is a four billion four point one billion four point one billion miles away in new rights takes light, it takes light or radio waves six hours to get there or come back from there. Right. And so they were saying that guess it encountered ultimate throughly about twelve twelve thirty eastern. Well, thirty three twelve thirty three thirty three minutes. After the ball fell in Times Square. They announced that they came in contact with ultimate it closest approach was just two thousand one hundred and seventy five miles away from this nine point five kilometer wide object. Which is thirty three kilometers along. You can't write this. You can't make this stuff. All right here. I'm going to tell you the big news of the top of the show. So we can argue please. Stuff happens the way it does. Go ahead. Maturity turns out to be his our gang predicted Sunday night on the show. I did also to ultimately beyond its in the art club nineteen point five ultimate Julie is a nineteen point five kilometer wide, ancient spaceship. How do I know have you know, because we can see all the junk inside regular geometric rooms room after room after room geometry after geometry after geometry, this thing has been through hell and gone. And the only reason we're seeing anything that you can even recognize on these relatively low resolution images were going to get so much better ones tomorrow afternoon. What's another one of those is another one of those? I guess quote, asteroids rocks, or whatever they want to call them Astro. I know it's another one of those real look like. It doesn't look like anything natural. If you if you bring your grandmother to the screen when we get the images up we're trying to get them up on the other side of midnight. But we may wait because tomorrow's are going to be so much better. There's gonna be gnashing of teeth and pulling hair NASA people like Emily, locked Awalleh, you know, jumping out of windows. I mean, I'm being metaphorical. Of course, the point is this is what they're gonna freak out about because it's unmistakable what we have here. Either to spherical, ancient space craft docked together, a bigger one in a smaller one or more likely will I'm thinking to spherical modules of a joint face ship. One section being the engines and the other being the passenger and cargo compartment and the damn thing is over twenty miles long. This looks like a huge huge huge ancient generation ship. Yeah. Thinking. Ancestors are great great, great, great great grandmothers of you and me and Isaac put together to get out of here. When the getting got really really bad right after the ancient war, correct. But it's interesting that they called it. Ultimately, oh, it's not interesting at all it's incredibly dead on. Hey. You think they came from? They came from Nazi faction in NASA, which still exists thinks it's going home to see. That's what I was the minute. I heard I mean, I remember my wife said, hey, what do you think? And I'm like going it sounds Nazi. And she says, well, that's where they're going with the new horizons. The Newsweek which kind of dismissed the idea that they were going. Come on. We know exactly what they're doing. Well. Yeah. Because they don't tell us the truth stern. Looks into the camera without great smile. And he's even better than Carl number. Call sagan. Looking at the camera and the lying through their teeth about what they're really looking at and finding and tonight it is over because all over the world people are gonna look at these images. They're going to take him into their computers are gonna use a modicum of imaging expertise, and they're going to rotate them around. That's critical rotate them around you get that geometry which snaps because our eyes and brains are kind of geometrically oriented. So we only see certain things when it's right side up when you do that it pops this. These are two huge denuded shells, the halls have been eroded away by micrometeorites sandblasting for God knows how many years and the interior geometric guts, a both spheres are exposed. Now. What's really cool? Clyde is. This thing is rotating with the open side, the cyber we can see inside. Exposed to the inner solar system engineer horizons camera as it approached if it had been flipped the other way, and we have a have, you know, Holland sheathing still in place, you could say legitimately 'cause there won't be much geometry at just an asteroid, but it's turned toward us. Right. Like someone turned it toward us deliberately as part of our ongoing history lesson. This is who you really are. This is where you really came from. These are the folks who came and nest your life up big time et cetera et cetera et cetera. These guys are the ones that Nazis worshiped. And the fact that this thing is in such relatively good condition tells me it may have been the pirates who arrived here and basically took over the planet eighteen years ago and put us all in slavery. You know, Alex Jones correct prison planet Meam. Well. And that's you know, that's something that I was trying to. Dig into a lot deeper with the to'real. I love the editor preceding this because CLYDE didn't know folks that I was going to announce we found a real I re real real that anybody can see spaceship. Well. I'm going to get much better. Right. Get so much better. Right. Well, what gets me too is that we look at what duly means or through all means depending on your side of the tracks. You on duly is actually an area that was anciently described as where the rocks are the borders, and you not cross into those borders because there are where the dragon people live or there's where the dragons are. I can't help. But think to myself, you know, who's piloting that ship the draconian dragon reptilian creatures we always hear about. And that's why they call the duly. I mean, that's that's what really boggles my mind is if it is a spaceship who pray tell was piloting that ship and doesn't have a connection to the Nazis. And that's okay. We're gonna take a break, but I want I want to know more about that. Because it just it just seems to me that dangerous blatantly come right out and say, you know, we're going to this asteroid is mouse shaped snowman looking ship docking looking ship. It looks like like I said like you said Dr. Ship, and they're and they're taking, you know, images of it. And. Wow. And it's called new horizon. That's I'll talk about that too. Something connected with the Wernher von Braun, triple eight six seven three thirty seven hundred six seven three thirty seven hundred. We'll be back. You're listening to News Radio. Six ninety K. T S him. When.

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