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The woman who claimed she was raped by a fraternity presidents at Baylor. University says the criminal Justice system is severely broken. After a Texas judge approved a plea deal today that will keep her alleged attacker out of jail. More on this now from Omar Villafranca. Twenty-three-year-old Jacob Anderson walked out of a Texas courtroom where he could have faced years in prison if convicted of raping Baylor University student instead a judge accepted a plea deal to the lesser charge of unlawful restraint Anderson gets three years probation. No jail time will not have to register as a sex offender and will pay a four hundred dollar fine. The victim says she was raped during a party outside Baylor's PHI delta Theta house in twenty sixteen. She was only nineteen years old Anderson was the fraternity president she claimed she was given alcohol and says she remembers Anderson repeatedly assaulting her the victim known as Donna DOE immediately reported the attack to police a grand jury found enough evidence to indict Anderson, but prosecutor Hillary Laborde decided not to pursue charges later emailing. The victim are jurors are. Aren't ready to blame rapists? When there isn't concrete proof of more than one victim. Donna does says they betrayed me. It's like a knife in my gut Baylor graduate student, Aaron Alvin launched a petition expressing outrage to the plea agreement more than eighty five thousand people have signed it and sending the message that you can do this, and you can get.

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