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So you're are you at sixty five percent a little bit over that. We had one annot last week. God that is that is impressive, man. I'm a little frayed because I know you have a lot of high school kids that listen to the show, and they're going to think, you know, RJ makes it look so easy. Maybe I should drop out of college skip college and become professional batter. I just wanna say it's not this easy. No, it isn't. And also, I bet if you follow Dr J around for day wouldn't wanna be RJ bell. And that's not a criticism. Not a criticism. I'm just saying tell the young people listening do right along with RJ the beige camera into cloth interior, what we know we loveless relationships townhouse pram and see if you want to. Jay, that's already Emma palace. Crying in front of a puff. Tapped out I would say this. You don't wanna work for me? That is. You do not want to work under his tutelage. All right. So last week you were right about the pats. The patriots I've always said never never bet against the patriots. And I never would bet against them. But they have a way of eking out a win and the San Diego snake bit. And this time they literally just let this NAACP bite them in the second quarter and got it over with normally comes down to the end this time. You're right. They just opened a can of wolf pass on the patriots. And it was a bad situational spot for the chargers. They had traveled ten thousand miles in the last couple of weeks and bowel check hadn't left his house, literally. So I actually segues in Casey. So last week we only had one best bat I'm going with both. I like both of these games, which is rare. There's only two I one Kansas City lane the three in this game. And if you look at it patriots look better than their truth because of the situation. Negative that the chargers had. And then I think the patriots on the road are as bad as been this whole Brady ballot. Check era in this is a road game there. They've won sixteen straight Adam at home, the pats below five hundred this year the on the road now, and I agree and the thing about the patriots. This year is even though they were look dominating last week. Although it's tough to tell against sandiego because there's still the chargers and they've never really established a legacy and they've never even rivers and everything they want a lot. But I don't know that anyone really think they're the real deal, you know, to be the real deal you've got to put together a few seasons and few championships. But anyway, they also looked the patriots real mortal a lot this year more so than ever on the road, mostly. So I mean think about the lions dominated. Yeah. And the Tennessee titans dominated them. That is good. I like that pick. I was wrong last week..

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