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Source for breaking news and what to make of it all. This is the Mike Gallagher show. My administration is also asking Democrats to work with us to pass $105 billion to help schools safely reopened. My life is an American success story. When you don't look for excuses. I didn't make it excuses, The governor and the mayor, We've been daily with him, and we think they don't know what they're doing No from the release Defector dot com Studio. Here's Mike Gallagher. Yesterday was a tough day We got the news about Herman Cain in the middle of the show, and it really threw me because I was praying he was going to make it. Herman Cain has just Had a profound impact on a whole lot of radio listeners around the country viewers to his new Newsmax show Course he ran for president. He was a very successful business executive. He had the famous 999 plan. And was a guy that was so gregarious and fun and just you. I just loved the guy and I am heartsick over his loss. Yesterday was tough on a lot of things that were there was a lot of bad news. Lot of bad news without a doubt. I want to give you some good news today. I'm not going to talk about Obama and his Really, really reprehensible political speech that he delivered at John Lewis's funeral yesterday. I didn't agree with John Lewis. But I I honor his Commitment to civil rights. We played a little bit of John Lewis's funeral yesterday, and I just I don't When somebody dies. I just don't think you should ever pile on. What Herman Cain and his family experienced yesterday on social media, as predicted, was brutal. I don't want to give that any oxygen. I don't want to really give President Obama any oxygen by playing his speech. Ah! But I want I want. I want to have a little bit of a different tone today. Corona virus is still front and center. It's affecting everything. Everything. Look, I still can't get skinny, skinny cow ice cream cookies and cream ice cream sandwiches. Hope they're all out. And everybody tells me at the grocery and this is my house. Stupid. I am how goofy idea. I'm really excited that I lost £50 today. Today was the day my way in that I hit £50 right on the nose. 50.0 And I've been working at it since. I would guess It was like early February late January early February, and I'm going to do everything I can to keep it off. And I'm gonna lose some more. I wanna lose about 18 or 19 room even £20 more. I know people think that's too much. It's not It will put me right where I should be. I think in terms of height and weight and my age I want to live a long, healthy life. I want you I want you to be stuck with me for forever. And so I've been working hard to take care of myself. And, uh, but everything is impacted. I'm not kidding you. That's my treat. My one treat that I love that night. Four points, skinny cow cookies and cream ice cream sandwiches, Not the vanilla. Now that they know we're gone wild, Not the not the Cookies and cream. They don't have it anymore. They don't I goto I've gone to every grocery store in Tampa Bay. I mean, I'm like a nut. I'm a stalker. Public is going to take out a restraining order. I keep going to the manager and you look on the skinny guy. Well, we're supposed to have a delivery next week. Next Thursday. The truck supposed to be in the truck never shows they don't. I went to the one public the other yesterday. They don't have any skinny count product. And skinny cow. That's a great metaphor for me. Because I'm the I'm the skinny cow. I am a cow, and I'm a little bit less fat than I wass taking the weight off and you can, too, by the way, just stay disciplined and stay focused and you can do it anyway. I just used that example whether it's the post office. Whether it's deliveries. Everything is a mess. Erin, try to fly. Are you kidding? I have to call Delta a few weeks ago for something I think they call you back. They have great feature if your frequent flier and maybe they do it for all the fliers, you call the number and they say All of our representatives are building busy, but we'll call you back. Within and then the voice, The animated voice will say four minutes. Or six minutes. I think the time I called a couple of weeks ago. One hour and 57 minutes. Somebody told me it was six hours before they'll call you, are you? I mean, everything is nuts. Because of Corona virus. And, of course, the whole political battle with it. The hole Back and forth about Blaming Trump blaming the governor's Cuomo all of this and we're all just kind of fed up. So I'm going to play a clip from Dr Anthony Fauci today and the only reason I'm going to play it, and I understand how controversial he is yesterday. Apparently, he said something about putting on goggles and and face shields over your mask. Ah, listen at one point worked at some point, we're going to see people walking around in giant NASA spacesuit just got a giant helmet like with a Darth Vader breathing operatic. I keep threatening to buy a beekeeper suit. Got to be on Amazon. Write one of those big beekeeper suits and quick note, by the way about be about Amazon. Please remember the Mike Gallagher Show Charitable Foundation and support law enforcement with every.

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