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Shotgun used to the running game. That's Wilson Wilson pounds out over the forty three yard line. Chris Evans, excuse beyond the Jerry. Well, this you know, Jim Harbaugh. This is where you'd like to take the air out of the football. Just. You you hope you have a an offensive line. That's physical enough to take over a game. Five yards Robinson the last place. Five michigan. From their own forty three yard line. Again, in Evansville, get stopped at the line of scrimmage. He actually will lose yet. Mega man missing the backfield. Chiron Mitchell finally puts in down then we'll bring up third and six well, nobody from the Michigan offense was able to get out to the second level. Nobody was able to make it to more the middle linebacker who just came flying in there touch. Split wide to the right people Jones and Perry wide left. Nico cowards. You can't give your linebackers three run at your running back. No shotgun. Patterson brings berry in motion back to throw coming Patterson bails out to his tight end who makes over the fifty yard line. Into. SMU territory to the forty six and a first down that Zach gentry. What a nice boy by gentry after the catch. Good for eleven Hayes makes the stop. Well that time SMU blitz their middle. Linebacker and Chris Evans, put his head down and missed him entirely. Now the rose right in on shape. Patterson, the two blocks we saw true Wilson how he played a great one. Well, Chris Evans would like to have that one back because he just stuck his head in the dirt and didn't even touch the middle. I guess who's in the ball game at running back. True wilson. Back to throw a Pulitzer is Patterson Patterson running out of the left. He's got he's at the forty. He's at the thirty Brexit outside and runs out of bounds at the twenty five yard line. But we have a flag down. It looks like it's coming back. Are they going to get through Wilson? All. Well, I'll tell you. Owelry offense, number thirteen? Well. Remains. I I'm gonna.

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