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To four to eat er, contact Fortinet federal at Fortinet dot com. I'm Dave told in real time Traffic reporting is rough. The cameras could be dark information could be slow to take shape. But what you hear on the Eighth is special because it's often the first time it's reported, and it's because of your calls at the scene, they could mean the difference between 15 minutes lost and getting out ahead of a major crash When you tell us which lanes are blocked week until everyone else behind you how to get by, and that's the W T O P difference. Traffic on the eights email traffic tips that w t o p dot com or call it in 86. 63 or four w t o P. Why? Walgreens for your Medicare prescriptions, convenient refills, expert pharmacists and low cost co pays trust Walgreens for your Medicare prescriptions. It's a 28 traffic and weather on the eights. Let's go to Jack Taylor in the Wtlv Traffic center, keeping an eye on those cameras. We've been watching the Bay Bridge 50 West at one point, no traffic is moving at all. I think there was some debris of some sort and D ta ran through. There was a little bit of a traffic drag where they just have one vehicle and funny kind of going slowly to kind of keep you behind all of the activity. All three lanes are moving once again, pretty much without delay. But the eastbound side There is a slow down as you approach the bridge. The work has already claimed the left lane. The Red X is lit over the left lane. One to the right. Getting by on the eastbound span. Three lanes now open and moving Well on the westbound span. Rest of the ride West. You're good to Annapolis and buoy No troubles in Maryland, 95 b W Parkway to 74 95. Everybody moving. Well, don't forget on metro this morning, and for the next few days, obviously, starting Friday morning, they'll all come back 13 metro stations inside the security perimeter. Trains are not stopping at the following stations. Farragut North Judiciary Square Union Station Archives, Arlington Cemetery, Farragut, West McPherson Square, Federal Center, Southwest Capital, South Smithsonian Federal Triangle Metro Center and Gallery Place. All these stations, trains will not stop there inside the security perimeter. Marc Train service suspended on the pen, Candid and Brunswick lines resuming Thursday morning v R E operating through Wednesday. This week. They plan to resume the S schedule service plus Fredericksburg Line trains 303 +07 on Thursday morning. Now you will find we're in decent shape in Virginia. One crash in Falls Church to report 29 up near Hill Wood Avenue in Falls Church authorities were headed to the scene. Now we've got the closures downtown, basically, from the lips to the capital, all the numbered streets across the national mall there. Is a full list at w t o p dot com couple of the new ones that were added South bound Rock Creek Parkway and get us far as Virginia Avenue. Then you've got to turn left Memorial Bridge up in Lincoln Circle, closed traffic and only go to and from 23rd Street. Northwest again. Full list on w t o p dot com Stay with w T o p all week for inauguration coverage presented by Penn Fed Credit Union. Whether you're in uniform or not. You can apply today at Penn fed dot organ, Jack Taylor, w T o P Traffic and Lauren Ricketts with our forecasts, temperatures today will continue to rise into the low to mid forties mix of sun and clouds today and a little breezy at times gusts up to about 20 miles an hour. As we continue into the evening,.

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