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And I can tell you at the time of the phone conference. Many issues were raised one of the that over one hundred thousand documents related. Going to take a break. Eight five five forty Laura. This is where you need to tune in to this show in the ingrahamangle tonight. We're going to have the best analysis of the charade and the bad choreography that the Democrats have been engaged in utterly predictable. Utterly clear they are out of cards. This is all they have. It's a desperate hand. They're playing eight five five forty Laura and we come back, we'll speak to a guess as a former chief nominations counsel to Senate Judiciary to explain just how off kilter the Democrats are don't go away. I've got enclosing spondylitis which is a moth Riddick disease calcification of the major joints and spine. And I just don't have the pain that he used to have to really kind of amazing balance of nature has been an amazing product. I recommended it to literally hundreds I'm a pastor. And I said y'all just try give it give it a month. Give it a try. Yeah. So hopefully, they have but it's it's an amazing product. And Denise things when you first opened up that bottle, and you can smell the fruits and vegetables every time I opened what I just got a big kick out of hack when you.

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