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Okay. Well, I'm trying. What we've got is we've got several variables working at once. I'm trying to narrow it down. I would say try a few rounds of factory ammo if you could find some if you have some around. If it functions well with that, then we know the issue is the hand loads. Which doesn't mean they're bad headlines, head loads. I think you're probably headed toward the right place if these are particularly light hand loads. I think maybe a lighter recoil spring may be the deal. I'm working on the assumption. If you're a handloader, you've been shooting a long time. You know how to shoot. You know how to control recoil. You know how to lean into the gun. You're not limp resting. Right. Yeah. I'm thinking you're right. I think you're right about the spring. I would say let's run a couple of magazines, factory and move through it. If it works fine and you don't have any issues there, then you go, okay, we've eliminated that variable. We know it is the hand loads. They're just lighter, which is fine. I can say nothing wrong with that. So now you just swap out go the lighter spring for that and should you ever need heavier loads, you just switch back to the factory spring. Does that make sense? Okay. Yeah, it does. Let me ask you, how do you like that loophole red dot? Oh man, that's awesome. I've tried some of the other red dots, and I have a problem when you draw and bring up. They don't come up easy for me. But it's just almost like shooting your iron sights and you can really pelt something out. They're pretty far. You can shoot out 50 yards and pretty accurately. Absolutely. Yeah, this is a delta point. That's what I found. It lines up just like your regular iron sights. Yeah, I'm a big fan of it. I just want some reliability. I'd like for it to feed, please. That's not unreasonable at all. What springs are cheap? I would say try the lighter spring, I think that's going to get you what you want. But just to make sure that's going in the right direction again, I think I would try some factory loads a couple of eggs. If it runs through two megs and doesn't have any issues feeding, then you said, okay, this is a simply a matter of ammo. And we will customize the gun in this case the spring to the ammo, I'd like to shoot. Smart move, that'll work. Look, I appreciate the call, sir. And good luck with that. Yeah, Glock 19 is a great pistol. Oh, and for those who don't know, yes, he did say timney trigger. Timney, and of course it's made replacement triggers for rifles for 7 decades or something like that. Now making pistol triggers both for the Glock and NFP, maybe for some others. Oh, real quickly, mag guts, MAG, G UT Z I just got some stuff from them, replace the follower and the spring on the mags and my P 360 five. They have it available for several different pistols. You can add two rounds to the magazine without extending the magazine. It gets no longer. I

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