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He's a we'll talk. See how this season because he's on the watch list for sure i will say this you know how the path to heaven is but narrow for the rich man right path to the people's heisman real squeaky narrow for northwestern grad right right all right my last one rodriguez blankenship. Maybe maybe two good yeah. He was pretty good. All you really did besides be good work glasses. Okay what about what about wisconsin's kicker from a couple years ago rafael galeano nee. I think nameless yeah aka big chief yes. That's a better one yeah. That's a that's a much better one especially because the people's heisman will not depend on but we'll definitely reward quirk of abnormal size in either direction yeah right or flare so bonus bonus entry then brad wing people's eyes one absolutely yeah okay brad wing actually brad wing probably would want people's heisman that year yeah like i would have had no problem turning the whole thing over him because <hes> because the minute that you get a touchdown called back for taunting on a fake punt as an aussie punter l._s._u. Consider the layers. I just gave you an yeah. That's that's a. That's a tear that i'm going to go ahead and put on my plate. We'll do it okay thank you. That's a that is actually very helpful because now i now i have a good sense of like yeah the it's basically wait this very specific intersection of good not great fun and <hes> a little quirky personality the i mean okay now i will say this you can be real close to great grade wing was terrific. You have great college football football player ryan were there were situational circumstances to brad wings greatness by which i mean having a touchdown called back right right as a special teamer <hes> that transcended <hes> due to their like impact that transcended his actual skill which is very high hi right but like randy mosses far too good to be a people's heisman right like when you are actually at the heisman ceremony you you've you've sort of trans. You've sort of eliminated yourself from people's heisman contract like ran well unless see the i i'm not. There's a blanket protocol. We can put over everything because the exception that i would put to say heisman ceremony. Proviso is a defensive player who gets a token invitation nations the heisman ceremony right yeah who's who's who's who's like our best example of that of somebody who could appear here at both correct right but who's yeah who's like a like <hes> honey badger. Would he be close to that. Yeah matthew be close to that mock mount moss's very close to that because of the route he took right like he he was just destroying people at marshall right wrongdoing so with like immense flair. I think he's really close to it. I think like any number air-raid quarterbacks. If you went back and looked like oh god he threw for five thousand on yards in like eight touchdowns hair all y'all you know he warlike a <unk> christmas sweater before that was entirely to comment yeah. That's like graham harrell or b._j. Simon's like yeah. I think that's like you could definitely have any of them there. You know i would i would include like another player who to me like you know if i would give you a prototypical guy. <hes> you know eric dungy. Eric dungy at syracuse was crate. Eric dungy did some things that nope nope. <unk> should do in any sport right at quarterback yet. He was brilliant on his own terms and statistically pretty good so i think what we're trying any do with people's highlands. Give you somebody who is under appreciate who is charismatic. Who is you know generally beloved by their team or at least respected and feared yet that is where i would that is where i would put up a fence era roadblock in front of the mosque thing..

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