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America. That helps you make better money moves the through show with Johnny dean in the house low there, John. Hello. You got a busy hour. We got we have other people walking in here. We have come in through waving through their walk right in. Eighty nine ROY. The we we we doing that. Walk right in. Okay. I think it was wasn't it. We did. Oh, no. No. When I woke up this morning, you're on my ride. Yeah. So who did I walk right in set right down. You talk for thirty. The program is Johnny dean looks up. Five. The come on John. Anyway, we do have a Gino pastula. Hey, I know. Yeah. Rooftops? Rooftops singer. That's exactly what I was gonna say. Gene pastula will be joining us momentarily. Gene. You know stuff, and he talks jeans are very, very smart guy. But he's also a really funny guy, and he's been a friend of mine for golly about as long as you've been a friend of mine, that's a long long time. Normally that Long John friends at all. I don't hang out with anybody. Thank you. Let's jump into. This investors are buying stocks and bonds at the same time, which means something as the game. I don't like that story. Let's see. Oh, I got this in the mail. I guess it was last night. I saw early this morning. And it's a guy by the name of John Delvecchio. He wrote me a personal letter. He did he didn't deer. Ray? He did. It's exactly look a deer Ray that day that so this is a personal letter. Now, I know that this guy does newsletters and all that stuff, and usually I just erase them. But for some reason, I read this letter, and I said, doggone it, Mr. Delvecchio, maybe my peop-. I don't know who talked speaking directly to you. He's speaking directly to me. So here's what he had to say. And I'll read this everybody and you'll understand the point when I get to the end maybe for that. Here's a trivia question for you. This is his comments to me. All right. What are the stock market due on August fourth nineteen Ninety-four? Oh, it was. It was either or. Yeah. Yeah. This is my wife's birthday, by the way. So I wasn't paying attention to the stock market is paying attention to her as you should don't know me either. He says overtime what happens to stocks on a given day is meaningless yet financial news is reported every day as if it's a life or death situation. Here's a simple tip to vastly increase, your wealth. He's going to tell me, he's vast vastly increase, my wealth. Stop watching the news all of it. He's right. Well, we've said -absolutely I realize the new news was bad in twenty eight when I came home from work early because I wasn't feeling. Well, I lay down on a sofa clicked on CNN's headline news for some background noise. That was your first mistake. The show ran in thirty minute loop. I lost count of how many people were murdered mugged and our rate the number of natural disasters underway, the amount of terror plots foiled the politicians should done shady things and all the other generally bad stuff happening in the world. It was depressing. As I watch the news that day. I thought someone should launch the good news channel. That's us. John. Hey, the good news channel. Yeah. Anyway, he goes on we need a good foundation from which to work. I'm anita. Consistently apply. Our method method if we want unbound wealth, we must think long term that's the only way to achieve the results we desire investing in financial markets has turned into a spectator sport. When I do on rare occasions watch the financial news often think it's like watching ESPN before the Super Bowl while the Super Bowl happens. Just once a year the stock market's open almost every week day of the year. The experts talk over each other. We know how to do that. Oh, sure, we're putting good. Do it all the time. You know, what I was doing national television. You're doing it long distance. And there's that slight delay, and it's horrible. It's terrible. Advocates say she it's almost like one of those old Godzilla movies where you're speaking in your mouth is saying most of them were fancy suits with a perfect hair. Would be and they seem to know what they're talking about. There's also theatrics. For example. There's even a guy with bozo. The clown hair who rips heads off of stuff bulls and bears. It's literally a carnival show. Gee, I wonder who they're talking about. Clearly, the financial news is hazardous to your wealth. It's hazardous to your help to as multiple studies have revealed but the day to day fluctuations of the stock market casino need not impact are thinking. Watching the news could cause us to act at precisely the wrong time and do the exact opposite of what we should do one day the stock market's down and the experts have an explanation for it. The very next day that explanation is refuted and the stock market goes up complex theories. Make the person explaining them seem smart, then we seem smart when we tell our neighbor or friends, all the complicated reasons, why the financial markets are doing this or that. Forget all that nonsense. It's counterproductive. Indeed. It's like a pickpocket if you don't know the level of the Dow Jones industrial average, you're probably way ahead of your market savvy neighbor, it's not relevant to building long-term wealth in thirty years. It will be completely pointless to know what level. The stock market indexes are trading at today in three years, not even thirty years. For someone that writes, newsletters, who's trying to get you to buy their newsletter. He's actually telling you the truth now next week when I get his letter it might be by this stock do that. I don't know. But I was just impressed on giving him some props. John Delvecchio, you are one hundred and ten percent. Correct. Is it because somebody who's paying attention every day to the ups and downs and all that tend to react. That's exactly what they do. And by the way, when you listen or watch the guy that you know, bites the bears and throws the chairs and all that stuff. Yeah. They're compelling. I mean, they're story is compelling. They're very smart people and articulate, and they talk about the markets and talking about the stocks, and the interview the CEO's, and, you know, for the average brain like mine, you go guys seems to make some sense, but I can tell you almost unequivocally when you make moves based on something you see or hear or feel it's going to end up bad for you. But when you make long-term moves based on a strategy based on a plan based on something that's got substance behind it except some smart guy. Talking smart stuff. Then I think it's it's it's gonna drive you crazy. No, less drive, you to the poor house bites the heads off and throws chairs and all that stuff. Wasn't. He the one back in two thousand nine hundred ninety nine had said, these are the twenty stocks or something. Hand the ten starts at every investor should own. Yeah. And of course, every single one of them. He emphasize. Yes. Yeah. Every one of them used this. I if I own no, no other stocks in my portfolio, and these are the ones I would have something like you're quoting one of my old seminars, by the way. It just popped in my head. You've got a great memory. I wish I had your memory. I didn't even remember that you used to have. This. Okay. What were they down ninety four percent or something like that? Yeah. That one year. Yeah. That's right. That's not necessarily the fault. I mean, anybody could have guessed wrong. Well, the problem was that was the tech craze back and those technology stocks were on fire. And of course, you know, if you guess, right? You sound like you're a genius if you guess wrong, you say none, right? Didn't mean that I didn't mean glutton by them. I just meant these are the top ten stocks that I think look pretty attractive right now. If you if you'd watch these two months later, I said, no, no no seldom now were good. For two months. You missed the cell signal payment one hundred and fifty bucks a month. And I would have given you the cell signal. But since you weren't part of my membership. You don't get it at such a load of garbage. Anyway, we'll we'll talk more about this. I'm sure in the future. Let me tell you. What else is going on here mister Johnny dean. Yeah. Investors may have a false sense of security. Do you know, how are you were just yawning was boring? You know? It has to do with being up since three something called me on the Texas. And the Texas did a survey of seven hundred and fifty individuals in the US, according to David Gwynn ta CEO of US and Canada, Texas, a decade of rising markets, low interest rates and subdued volatility have given investors unreasonable expectations and a false sense of security their research, of course, suggests this at least half of investors, they said said the term bull market bolstered their confidence that they're on track to.

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