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Those are just somebody decided it's kind of like a teddy bear, they feel better if the dogs they're so or whatever other animal, it might be a cat when you hear about the peacock on the plane and all that that's an emotional support animal and that just somebody decided to take an animal with them. But the animal itself doesn't have any training. It's just basically a teddy bear took. Right. Okay. And there's a few other categories, but those probably are enough for now. All my goodness. I didn't even know that existed. That's good to know. We're just going to have a quick break. And when we get back we'll continue talking about rescue dogs turned into service dogs. Stay with you. Right back after a short pause. Well. Hey, everyone. Michelle fern here. Host your best bets for pets and dog mom to two gorgeous beaches, and I found a way to make them happy every month. Bartok's? It's a party in the box for your pooches filled with toys and treats, they will love we have a special for you that you are going to lead to this is for all the pet parents. Visit blackbox dot com slash pet-, life and subscribe to a six or twelve month plan and get a month for free. How grave is that? Talk fast. Radio dot com. Welcome back. We are talking with service dogs, founder, Sherry Solters. When I did want to ask you really quickly was so you know, how the the stigma.

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