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85 85. Uh huh. Those looking to join the APP should be bald or open to dating. Someone who is all right. My suspicion is What was that? Uh, what was that website that was for having extramarital affairs was Something Madison dot com If I forget what the name was somebody or Miami And they found out that at Actually, I think was actually Madison dot com. It was a way to, you know, Meet up toe have extramarital affairs. And Of course they let loose who Who, um They got hat and you've got to see everybody who was on the site. And of course, it was like 98.3% guys. Well, this shocker. On and no, no women my senses with the ball dating app. It's gonna be similar odds. You wanna You wanna bet me odds on this one? All right, 337138585 give me your ball dating experience. Is, is there Is there. An advantage. Being bold now to be the way, Jon you're not even eligible for this. Because you're the wrong age. In the article. I believe it says the target audience for this app is thirties and forties. Well, so he's Mm hmm. I could pull that off. It's the Internet. I can lie. Yeah, you might need to know. Die that white beard of yours in order to say you're in your thirties. That happened by the way you can tell that I'm bald. Because I have a beard. Yeah. Really take a look and covering my beard and go. Oh, my God! I never noticed the man's bald Every man does that lie, doesn't it anyway? Um Is there an advantage? I to be honest, I honestly think women don't really care about hair as much as guys care about here. What women do care about? Mental, complete superficial pigs. Let's just lay it out there. Um You could be the ugliest, awful ist die. Um But what's still your superficial pig? The one thing Where women are completely superficial. It's like the only one thing His height. Have you noticed that overwhelmingly? Not not universally. But overwhelmingly. The one thing women want is to date somebody who's taller than them. And having dated women who are taller than me. It ain't so bad. All right. Three or 37138585. Let's go to Denver and talk to James James. Welcome you with John Caldera. How did James are you doing? I'm great. I was just going to let you know.

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