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To back up a seventeen year old student during an after school fight with another student police say homes brought a gun and started shooting before the fight started near the school our brave Louisville survivor of the fifth third center shooting last year is using her experience of being shot twelve times to advocate for the Commonwealth to adopt a red flag loss due to Kentucky is above average suicide rates and the unfortunate and increased reality of mass violence it is highly necessary as woody Austin a red flag law would allow courts to temporarily take guns away from people who are determined to be dangerous to themselves or others at the university of Cincinnati a committee comprised of faculty students and board members is recommending the university stop using the name Charles Mick Mick in an eighteen hundreds slave owner whose donations after his death helped found you see the committee says by honoring his name associated with the college of arts and sciences now sends the wrong message not one of inclusion the working group is recommending the university find an appropriate way to honor his contributions that serves everyone's interests and promotes inclusion and diversity the Pike County sheriff isn't going down without a fight Charlie reader was in the spotlight while leading the road and family murder investigation early on then suspended with pay after charges for theft in office that's pending now he wants to run for reelection next year which you can do since he's not been convicted of a crime just yesterday we found out he's facing another charge from the Ohio elections commission for making a false statement he'll be in Franklin County municipal court on that charge in December finally the bangles huddling up to fight hunger right here in the queen city for the holidays the bangles and the free store food bank are partnering up once again for the fun and food drive this coming Sunday head of the bangles match up against the Pittsburgh Steelers or to be down there at Paul Brown stadium our volunteers and our staff will be at all the.

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