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Welcome back to creative therapy umbrella. This is a place where we talk about all different types of creative arts, therapies, expressive therapy and creative approaches to therapy. Today is a perfect example of that last part creative approaches to therapy on today's episode I speak with Martha All Dirksen and she is known as the plot whisper for one of her bestselling books. The plot whisper secrets of story structure and he writer can master. Martha has recently published book that I absolutely loved and found so so helpful for my own creativity, and it's called boundless creativity, and it's a workbook for overcoming self doubt, emotional traps, and lots of different creative blocks and I found it really empowering and so wonderful to sit down and kind of spend that time with myself and figure out. Different things about me and how I could learn from creative mistakes and could make. In creativity, and it was really wonderful, so in this episode we dive into. Boundless Creativity, but we really also talk about. Martha's background because it's so unique. She is an author, but she had spent time as therapist, and so she has this really wonderful full circle kind of story that comes together so beautifully in how? She can offer all of this content and all of this support in these resources to help therapists with their creativity, and she has some really awesome video courses that are those are linked in the show notes as well as all of her books and the video courses are really cool for a lot of different kinds of things that you could you know writing your own children's book? which I think so many creative arts therapists I've heard lots of creative arts therapist. Talk about that, so there are those video courses linked below in the show notes so take a look at all of those links and enjoy this episode. Okay, Martha Welcome to the PODCAST. I'm thrilled to be here. Thank you for inviting me. You are so welcome. This is A. Topic, near, and dear to my heart, and you have such an amazing perspective, and your work is really awesome on this topic so I'm excited to dive in, thank you. I am too awesome well for our listeners. Can you tell us a little bit about what you currently do sure? So My name is Martha Alderson I'm also known as the plot. Whisper for work. I've done with riders over the years. You know every writer needs a plot and so everybody's sort of started coming to me for help and but what I'm currently doing. Is I just right win? The virus started in in California. We were asked to shelter in place. Almost the exact same day my publisher released my new workbook called them boundless creativity as spiritual guide for overcoming self doubt, emotional traps, and other creative blocks so That's been interesting to You know get the word out and also sort of adjust to this new reality that we're off facing together. And then at the same time I was working on a novel Historical Bicultural Twentieth Century Love Story that well actually release at the end of August, so it's been a really busy, exciting creative time and And also interesting because of what's happening in the country. Absolutely. I. Think a lot of people I don't know how you felt with this experience, but some people have said Oh my creativity is like through the roof now that we're doing more shelter in place in quarantining and some people are saying like I, have lost my creativity completely. Have you fell? which have you felt kind of on that spectrum I would say on that well, I've heard the same. Same thing in a really makes me sad when I hear about the people who have sort of lost that spark, because it feels like such an incredible time to be creative, and that our world needs innovation and change in the status quo just isn't working, and so we need new perspectives in you know for people to step up and to be creative into think differently, so that really. Inspires me to. Try to support people in to get the word out on social media ways to Lift your energy into Walk into you know inspiration in your spirit and the things that can really make you feel. During this time, when sometimes it feels very dark so for me, personally, it's really pin high energy I. Keep Looking forward to the day that I can start to be bored again. which is something I love to do in the Monterey Bay where I live and you know just calm down because it's been a nonstop, which is very exciting and you know it's bad energetic wave talk in my workbook about the universal story, and how the energy rises and falls in whatever we do, and so I'm at the peak right now. I would say I'm In that phase of the prize in you know at that triumphant place it and I look forward to when energy starts to Wayne a little bit, but for right now it's fun. I loved that you connected to riding the wave. That's a great analogy for it to you. For, you mentioned the universal story, which is a big part of your workbook. Can you explain that was actually my favorite part to I? Even loved the little visual. That's in there. It was visuals. Lock into my brain, so I'm wondering if you could explain a little bit about what that is to our listeners sure. And the visual is there because I did work with special, education kids in my early career and really appreciate how we all learn differently, you know. Some of US are visual learners. Auditory learners can static whatever and I learned a lot better visually than I. Do of orally so I'm very sympathetic to that empathetic, and wanted to provide sort of a multi sensory approach, so the universal story is something that really came up out of the work that I do with Pie because when I first started writing fiction. I just couldn't get plot. I was dyslexic nonverbal as a kid and. A very concrete learner, and the you know just it was I couldn't understand it, and this was sort of backing the Dark Ages in. There wasn't a lot written about plot today. Everybody talks about plot, but back then it was not there were a lot of. Books about Kloden. screenwriters, males screenwriters were really good with pot. Because Hollywood has very specific sort of. Format that that story's really take place within those.

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