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Department claims the document sees in the FBI raid on Donald Trump's Mar-a-Lago resort include secret papers on intelligence gathering, the department on Friday released a heavily redacted affidavit outlining evidence that was used to ask a judge for a search warrant. In the affidavit, an unidentified FBI agent says they identified 184 documents containing quote national defense information. The FBI sees 11 sets of classified records during their search of Trump's residence on August 8th, including records they say, could threaten national security if released. The attorney for the young woman accusing at least three San Diego state football players of gang rape is publishing pages from her diary and communications with the suspect's lawyers. Jack cronin has the very latest. A civil case has been filed in San Diego superior court, saying former all American punter and current member of the NFL's Buffalo Bills Matt orisa and two other asset players gang raped the then 17 year old girl, eriza, who was 21 in October of last year, is also accused of possibly drugging the girl at his home and having sex with her while knowing he had an STD. The young woman's attorney Dan Gillian is publishing pages of the girl's diary from after the suspected incident describing a gang rape for the victim held face down and left bloody afterwards. Gilligan also says arises attorney asked how much a settlement would cost before the lawsuit was filed. The LA times says the Buffalo Bills were aware of the charges at least on August 1st, with a lawyer telling them arise was one of the players being named by the victim in the incident. I'm Jack cronin. And consumer confidence is showing signs of improvement the University of Michigan's final rating for August gained over 6 points as it continued to rebound from an all time low in June. And that's the very latest. I'm Jim Forbes. This is Chicago's progressive talk. 8 20 a.m. willow springs, an

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