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Have you been at? A little bit Magoo breeze sanguine for reasons that will probably become evident tonight, boy is doctor doom back east back. I thought he was gone me to he's back something happened. He by the way, let me ask you you. You you send me some very poignant emails that you copy to that. Actually, you copy me, but you send them to sheriff departments around the country, the FBI, and the FBI missing people primarily tell me what they are. I don't work because my resources and time are limited. I use my own funds, but still takes time to run these. I only search for missing children innocent. They they they they don't have a an opportunity to grow out of that innocent, so many sheriffs them. So I have I have three more kids to find two bodies and one kidnap victim. And then I'll be in the field. Extensively for the rest of the year. But I see you. So you can see that the remote feeling to meet the promise of remote feeling the promise that Ingo Swann father remote you've got to have ground truth. You really have to have something to show for that physical evidence. And I chose missing children as a parent missing kills and that's the way to go there for a number of different reasons. And so I just keep you posted when what is the reaction to those law enforcement agencies that you send those emails to. I mean, do they get back to you or the interested or do they say memo viewing what's that? While the US marshals and the and the the local police department, generally speaking are very are very thankful for my my help you can look at the the Austin bombing a report it took me about six hours to kneel down the location of the person that murdered those two individuals with moms, and you can see that. The actual Arcand on my website. Learn r v dot com the community, but the FBI. Yes. And I and I go back a long time on a lot of different things. I work with the FBI and the uniform or case my team this year did work today. Yeah. But they are very reticent. I wouldn't say load the very reticent to give credit to psychics, you know, for helping them out on cases. So they're very thankful of my work. But they don't wanna publicly generally speaking. Well, and I don't want to acknowledge knowledge that gonna help now while doctor doom major how shall we begin tonight? You've got so many things to talk about I think because of my resurrection, doctor doom I think we should talk about that. I okay how that translates. Yeah. What is what has happened here a week and a half ago? I was working some projects, and we'll talk about later in the night took a break. And as soon as I took a break, I got this. This lack insight and in my work. And as professional relative, we never ever average. I e recognize anything like that anything that's not act that doesn't actually happen in a strict control remote viewing session to us is is thrown out of her mind. We we we don't we don't knowledge that flash occurred, and it was very unusual. It was very unusual idea. I just toss it out of my mind and went back to work, but it popped up again later in the evening.

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