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Jonathan Webb I lived in Boulder Colorado in the late nineties. I was a graduate student at the University of Colorado auto and then I was in his up. Potential Juror. The process of of a grand jury is where the prosecutor presents the information. There is no defense lawyers or personnel. There it's simply the prosecutor presenting the evidence us as they have found it. We were allowed to take notes. Ask questions of the witnesses and we saw a lot of information from and everything from individuals that were related to the case to handwriting. Experts to medical experts birt's doing autopsy etcetera. The one thing that really I've never forgotten is the testimony from Pediatric Edgar Forensic pathologist from the University of Miami and the shots of the we saw video and a lot of testimony Simoni and the manner in which someone dies With the type of injuries that Jon Benet had and time on course what is something that will never leave me in one thousand nine hundred nine. After a year of hearing testimony and being presented with evidence from the boulder police the grand jury returned with. What's called a true bill to charge the Ramseys with placing Jon Benet at risk in a way that led to her death breath in layman's terms? Kind of glorified child negligence not murder not manslaughter. Following that Boulder County A.. Alex Alex Hunter announced. He would not be prosecuting. The ramseys on any charges declaring that he did not believe that in a trial he could prove guilty beyond reasonable doubt based upon the evidence that we saw we were told the decision is a preponderance of the evidence or a grand jury which which means over fifty percent fifty point one percent or more that. You think someone might have done it then you vote to indict. That is not beyond a reasonable doubt. The evidence that I saw I if I sat on a regular jury. I would've never convicted anyway anyway because it wasn't to the standard of beyond a reasonable doubt. So I think the. Da made the correct decision. And I was fine with it. I'm fine with the fact that it's still unsolved murder. I don't want that to be misinterpreted but I simply don't believe the evidence was there to convict anyone. It would have been wasted Chase that based upon the evidence at the time Alex Hunter made an announcement on a beautiful mutiple they in boulder and it was chaotic and there were people all over the place live trucks all over the place that was in that era. She walked down the stairs of the district attorney building and walked into a park reporting had been set up an Alex Hunter after the district. Attorney said there will not be charges filed in the Jon Benet Ramsey case and a world exploded because that it's not fat factory. Have you somebody responsible. After the Boulder District Attorney announced he would not be filing charges bowler place then continued to try to find ways to find John and Patsy Ramsey guilty the boulder police department have I said all along. Hey we looked at other people other than the ramseys but their focus remained on the Ramsey unable to proved the ramseys were guilty by means of actual detective work. The police even resorted to underhanded tactics as this Fox News report from nineteen ninety nine shows. I'm John and Patsy Ramsey at home but not entirely at peace the death their daughter haunting them everywhere and they found out there appears to be no refuge or sanctuary. John and Patsy Ramsey had planned to talk to us at Jonbenet's grave site but when they found out that the boulder police had bugged this area near their daughters water's resting place during the investigation. They were too offended to come here. They should have some dignity just disappointing.

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