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Yeah, and before he even got in the ground people were like he was so annoyingly. Service people all over like on airline stewards or airline attendance and Servers restaurants facebook, and like the guy just died, I? Don't care. He was a jerk. Hey, was it asked hall that's -rageous. It. He's like he's How know if you're a server in a restaurant he's GonNa. Ask You for some water is once again. I watched here. Can you break some water? Please oh my God died. He was a talk show legend and God had super long career and just this inability to fill up time and entertain, and he did that show for eons. With Kathy Lee then he did it with Kelly Ripa. She's all ripped up about it. Say she's married at market swallow. He's ripping her up. ooh Yes. Honey you and you know John Boehner he's Bainer. He's in the news, the original Orange Republican rotten to the core who wants was unalterably opposed marijuana is now one of the top lobbyists. For the recreational marijuana. Industry and was talking about this with vivacious and who does a did some deep research? Yeah. She every every afternoon I think the three o'clock or four o'clock eastern time on twitch she does a DJ set So definitely go check it out guaranteeing dance arena quarantine denser innovations, nyc on which follow her as she was like saying Yeah John Boehner Gainer Bainer he had to resign one of the top Republicans because his daughter married a Rastafari and now he who he was adamantly opposed against marijuana. Now he's a lobbyist for it. So you know how that goes her daughter's husband one time was arrested and put in prison for having possession of marijuana. And the irony that this asshole now is making record amounts of money as a lobbyist lobbyists for the recreational marijuana Republicans. And Hallmark movies I'm sorry lifetime new movies announced some money that they're going to have a queer.

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