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This is no agenda back in the saddle. Broadcasting live from opportunities on thirty three on the frontier of austin texas capital of the drone star state out curry in silicon valley. We're still feeling the effects of mail chimp shutdown. And traffic's bad too. I'm jessie duarte monte. Mail chimp shutdown. Did you have somewhere. So we're going to you when they hit the fan. Oh nothing that we. We were completely unplugged while not completely but very unplugged from certainly from news. Was there chimp that escaped or something of the like mail. Chimp suspended our account own. Mail chimp like mail chimp. I i was so confused. Oh mail chimp is worse. This really unexpected. Did we not think this would happen at some point. Yeah well they put it back right soon. As i put up to the same audience on sub stack. I just pushed the newsletter over there. And look what they did. What's in here that so bad. do you think that's perhaps. Let's just analyze quick. Second to me. I think this went through some algal. Because we know they're pretty it's wet to a system called omnivore for all right an omnivore looked at it and went the words vaccine and experimental in the same sentence bligh. I believe that was it. You lock the accent. I don't think it's anything with images to me. It's like oh they agree. I totally agree with this. Honor percentages experimental vaccine. And then so you view filed a complaint by clicking a button which of course goes nowhere does nothing. You didn't even get a receipt form letter a form letter. Okay and sceviour complaint. We're looking into it. And then and i thought it was brilliant and great thinking to to resend it on your under sub stack fantastic idea and then you so you think that after you did that. That's why they eased up without knowing without getting a message by email or anything they put the system back up. And then i sent out a newsletter with a change headline. What's always interesting to me is how little people understand about the Email newsletter or just emails in general and And and this is a message for sub stack as well as we know from our pod. Show days if you even if you have a small organization but you have customer support emails and people Password reset if you really want your emails to arrive and not go to spam or just not even show up at all at the big free free mail providers such as g mail you have to pay their companies that you have to pay monthly fees to in order to be white listed with all of the bixby. They farm it out. Google's not actually going to do anything. This is the early version of the fact check network. They outsource that well. You know we've got these other great companies and these companies are real companies you look at kleiner perkins invested in and it's quite capital. All these guys sherpa all these a fantastic. So they're very reliable and you can pay them. And i think our initial bill because it was co investors in in a pod. Show me video at the time. We got a couple of months free but then it was twenty thirty thousand dollars a month and so people who think that man. Can't you just sit up your own emails. Not hard you know no. It's not not sound life. It's not hard at all but you don't know what you're talking about. You cannot get past the this has been a problem going. Wow for almost twenty years fifteen. We'll just seems lisa but buddy pointed. Somebody pointed out that. Hey when you're doing email marketing you are. Competing marketing marketing. Newsletters marketing. everything you do an email except for a personal note to somebody as marketing. And who are you. Competing with their competing with google biggest marketing company in the world. They don't want your mail going through exactly. They will do everything within the limits and beyond to make sure that you show up in promotions or in spam or not at all and so you get You know a male chimp and they say they don't pay any any key but they are by default. They are a allow listed united say white listed anymore. Just so you know it's allow listed. Did you know this. I don't know about allow listing. White listening blacklisting passe. Brother allow listing. Anyway we're back. It was a glorious break It was a little hectic to see you go through that on the return. There's kind of disappointing on. Jeez who needs this crap and then we got blue icons of headphones popping up on here. That wasn't fourth. Thanks clean feed. You freaked me out What did you do not. Did you do the at black show. 'cause i i saw you announce black. Eyed is podcast on their Have you has it published. I it's you can find it on youtube. Probably does each one of those guys who does the live show and he expects everyone to listen to live radio show. So it's not really a pause doing tom leykis. You're not gonna find any of those shows anywhere so we just does every day. That's that's his idea. now he doesn't he doesn't only once a week and he's rich is that he's not doing fourteen books. Oh okay so. The podcast is not as a source of income. I got it no. I don't believe so. I don't think it could possibly be admirable though admiral boorda. What else is hung out. No why this is doing this. Hello this is working. This headphone showed up. I have. I have you here. I hear you. I know but it's just like yeah. Did you touch the headphone icon. Be honest i'm not touching nothing right which we did. I did black and it was it was it was fun and it was intense because his audiences A bunch of a bunch of i dunno car to explain but he's the guy is one of the most famous writers doing a mostly jewish. History has got all these experts to want to do the ibm exactly. I said you talk about that on the show with him now. Not really damn didn't mean to didn't mean to ask him something about it. 'cause i think we talked about on the show and then i because of the way this show is structured. I never managed to do it. i can. I'm going to have to ask them later. just seems like if i'd written that book and i saw it was going on around us right now i'd be talking about it every show. Hey i wrote this book about high on the show. It'd be played the book on the show. Okay good Well the keeper. And i chose a destination which we've been to before but i was never really kind of into it which is mexico Obviously very conveniently action is butted up against. Yeah so very convenient. I can drive the mexico from you are you are sure. I've been very biased against mexico. Just by what i've seen. Did you drive to mexico. I don't think so that southwest goes to mexico south semitic great time southwest goes to mexico. We went to a well. Southwest is quite the story you know. I lost southwest. I always like southwest it. Because it's very. I liked the boarding process. You can actually get your early bird special. You can sit up there a little bit even get on earlier or for vacation. We went all balls to the wall. We got business select so you get a one and.

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