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Okay, older man, she smokes. Wow. I mean such poise, what a woman do this remind me of old Hollywood as watching my favorite show right now, the dark tourist damn dog look at her per together. That's the joker there. No, I don't think so. I don't know who that is the joker. That's the Ridler the old school Ridler. It's a crazy old man tit Scott anyways, dick energy to, you know, man? Yeah, you're right. You're right, right. Big, dick energy, but doctors, they go on this episode of things. The last one, eight they do. The Charles Manson tore which I definitely want to go on, go to all the sites, and then some guys on the Mike Tony, what happened? They played things I'd like to see it, but I don't wanna be bad person contribute to that. But also they had a guy on there that. Is who. When Charles Manson died, he left all his shit too. This dude who's just a fan left to all to him. So they go interview this guy when Charles Manson died in prison, right? He's still alive, knows not Charles Manson. Did he die a haunt? I got a call, you know? He's right here. It's eighteen you. Fuck that he did. I didn't dot damn this year. Last year we talked about, we put his music. Remember those are. All right, man. Anyways, he died in prison quite some time ago, and so they link this gentleman there on the right they link up with the dude who was his best friend. They met in prison and there, but he also talked guys who they think Charles Manson is their hero, and but they're not like not for murder, and he's he actually kill anyone bro. That's I said, shouldn't kill anyone bro. Just did nothing. He's ordered it, but even then they can't prove that however, he off see was the manipulator of this whole thing. Why people died. Next did kill not this style, but shoot people. They know that for purposely trying to start a race war and orchestrated because he was famous. He is all things to be famous than they thought he was just misunderstood and all the stuff. But anyway, so this guy relates to them, they'd come best friend's picture them in prison, Charles Manson. He's all stuff to him. And so this guy goes into house interview with them, and the guy gets super fended like it's an argument. 'cause he's like, you know, ask. About how can you like this guy? How can you say he's doing these things? Guy starts offending. It gets pretty gnarly. Wow. It's a good fucking showman. This is my favorite episode. This Jeffrey Dahmer one horses for rent eight sixty nine yet will allow these people have a bunch of Manson's old shit. Like we're the murder scenes out there. You can buy stuff and it's creepy shit where. These best friends, Charles Manson. And so and so he gets down to so they should serve the day. Charles Manson dies. The next day was how you doing, how do you feel your best friend fucking dying. He's. Yeah, come on relax. First of all, first of all, did they serve time together? He was a fan of rock on road him fifty. No. Do the same fucking and how they connect weirdo. You're a weirdo. But he enter your into murder. I don't know. He had some dark shit out the murders went down. Is there boy, the what? The fuck it was his name. The the main do tank with like the terrible dude. Well, those guys must all be in prison. Right? He was also bat shit, crazy tax Tex was the guy. He was bat shit, crazy him Tex. Watson, tex-, Texas did mostly old crazy man. He's the bad one. He's the. He did all the killing. He's the bad looks like killer. Looks like someone's dad there. Yeah. Yep. Tex Watson, right? Yeah, bad people, but I don't. You know, I was at the just switch lanes as the Long Beach acquitted. And so. Dad told another dad to get his son because he kept squirting people..

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