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Sure. Time on. That's not what he thinks. He biggest lesson coming through this market thus far. I think the the mistake that I made or what I would do the Knicks won the bay market comes right? Is I would sell some at the top. I mean, I don't know what he's going to be at the top right being when it was close to say what it was eighteen thousand. Yep. If I saw one bitcoin and that one and then bought by king newest three and a half three thousand that one bitcoin is now six thousand is sick up bitcoin. So not only things because you know, I do with my feared Meigs, anxiety and stuff. But I think it'd be something like that. Yeah. That that's that's what I've been sort of trying to. That's my message. You know, it's it's not all about trading, and tens of Bangor Maine in an internet that sort of thing, but having the skills to know what to look for it such an important thing. You can use it in your investing. You can use it. When you try to the silently options, vital. Yeah. I think that's really really important fantastic lesson rich wet can people. Find out more information about you, get your channels. Of course, he socials tell us what we can fund that will right. We'll the other thing that I do with his house in terms of social media. Relative many other YouTube is in space, including yourself on complete Luddite. So lazy? I'm lazy, and I don't wanna do this full-time, and I do too much anyway because my kids are home educating I've taken a judge during his vim. Okay. Right. But what I do is on Twitter. I am linked tin. But stop. Stop taking that bit more. But really my YouTube channel. Orig- critter rich critter rich beautiful, but YouTube, and I post videos virtually every single day occasionally don't middle of the week. But sometimes I post more and actually something else. I want to say that I really really doing joy crate, which is I think, so I suppose my strength. Whatever is the some of the relationships that are developed are like developing long term relationships with people in a have the cake money and the main nestling have an Michael to Tony from Burs. Now have again again again again. So I do so I focused on projects in people that I like, yeah. Rather than do daily news and stuff in cover everything yet. Now Surat by the bay. You gotta enjoy what. Yeah. It's just fits me. The you everyone else be well, look, you can only be already taken rich side lucky. This is cryptic rich get across his YouTube channels been pleasure having you on the shy, Tom. I look through contact. Great craig. Thank you so much Lewis. The trade Cup. Crypto podcast is hosted by Craig called all traffic courses products and tools can be found at trader kkob dot com because experience met is.

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