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Suva man we'll get all the nuclear weapons and put them in a net and then swing him around until he smashes them into the sun doesn't get which is the way that we day nucleus now all jacked zero zero in looking at me like like an all man christopher rave was a very important person in my child i don't like him from suva man i like him from the music video don't worry be happy with bobby mcferrin was he in that yes that's like a weird reference him it's it's it's it's in the in the film clip was christopher rave and robin williams because they were roommates in college when they studied acting and then they did the bobby mcferrin song don't worry be happy and then robin williams killed himself and then a horse killed christopher by feel like we're getting off topic paralyzed it seems kind of north korean to me wheelhouse right there yeah i feel i would think now now carry on the north korea k kerry i have to ask you this very quickly as what what all of allison is one night how many times have you to north korea none none times syria we'd been once we played soul yeah so music good yeah that was wasn't man what was that line and then when they were going to ask back are gonna get back what did it seem like you're like real korean or like just regular would what is in country likes you.

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