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Dr Christopher, Supreme Court, Cortisol discussed on The United States of Anxiety


And that's a very compelling argument and I've heard people say it repeatedly They will say things like out. Care what you believe. I don't care what you think. Just treat me well right. Be Fair my response to that is I may have laws in place to prevent discrimination and I may have rules in place to to say that your behavior has to be a certain way we find a way to circle back to the embedded biases and the embedded hierarchy of human value. Let's demand from the Supreme Court that the schools be integrated right. Let's say that we can't discriminate in housing Let's let's say that doctors have to be held to a higher standard. Let's let's you know. Say No to discrimination if you look back on it we've been doing that for the last fifteen years and things have not you know we're not whole and what I try to do is say don't fall into the trap the Western ideological trap of dichotomies thinking right it is not either or folks it is both and we never really did the work of a radical getting the permission to devalue our humanity and that's why reconstruction failed that's why we had the era of the nineteen twenties. Where we we had this resurgent in confederate flags and monuments and and all of those things that that speak of this this false notion that their superiority based on physical characteristics. This is something. We've been wrestling with all season right. I mean the missed opportunity of those reconstruction years right after the civil war. Things had been going so well in the effort to create a true interracial democracy in economy. Why does it all fall apart? Dr Christopher turned to the history of medicine dealers. Treat her answer to this since antiquity when there was inflammation when there was war going on in the body use oppressed that inflammation and we have all different of drugs from herbs to medicine that are designed to quiet the inflammation right and in a sense. You could say that's what we've done with this notion of slavery and reconstruction we have interventions design to fix it too quiet to make it go away in the twenty first century. We've now discovered that there's this new category of molecules that are necessary to resolve the inflammation right to help the body clear away. The debris so that you don't end up with with the scarring and the autoimmune diseases and the chronic problems that came about as a result of the inflammation and so I like to think of the work of ratio healing as pro resolving mediation or intervention. So that we can clear away. The debris that's left over from our periods of ignorance and cruelty and organized loveless nece as a society. We've got to do the work. I think I'm going to say that it's a big shift for me. The idea that I'd invest in fixing somebody else's bias but I hear Dr Christopher. I can't argue the point and like I said at the start. This is a time when a lot of us are gonNA have to face fundamental change including in our own thinking for now. Dr Christopher also gave me a bunch of advice on how to weather this storm and stay healthy doing it in mind and in body. We're all spending time together. A loans social distanced. You've got your family there but what what are you doing to stay connected you know. We are spending as much time in nature as we can together Walking through the woods on the trails Keeping the necessary social distance when our neighbors are involved but within our family we we are very much spending as much time in nature as we can recognizing that trees actually give off chemicals that help to reduce Cortisol and reduce the stress response Especially after it rains. And especially evergreen trees which we have a lot of and so It is healing. And we're GonNa take advantage of that. I have thirteen. Little juniper trees planted in my courtyard behind my house and this is why. I feel so good when I sit by them. Yes indeed it's it's real. How about that? Well thank you for that. It was lovely to talk to. You thank you so much for this time. It was my pleasure. Thank you for what you do. Well like I said earlier. We're going to riff a bit on what we do on this show over the coming weeks. Maybe over the coming months. We'll see and we want to hear from you as we do that. I really hope we can host more live collins like the one. We did a couple of weeks back. Check that out if you haven't heard it. But in the meantime just hit us up and tell us what's on your mind. Big lasting changes are using our anticipating are just wondering about record voice memo and send it to me at anxiety at WNYC DOT org. We just want to be useful so tell us what we can do to help. Talk to you more soon and stay healthy..

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Dr Christopher, Supreme Court, Cortisol discussed on The United States of Anxiety

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