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He came back the second half against Buffalo, and he you know, caught. All four of his targets were going one drive there, So I think that Removed at least some of the doubt in question. And maybe you know whatever it was Tailing him there because they got to the point there, where he dropped the first two on third down to start that game against Buffalo. Then they benched him. And at that point, it was like, OK, this isn't just the NAM believed in just the one game thing isn't just a You know a rough stretch when it's now you're talking three or four games in a row. Multiple drops every time that there's something mental here. There's something wrong and you were talking. I think you people insisted that you get the Steve Blass reference or not, but, uh, you know, then the bigger deal Pittsburgh, but he's kind of lost it. Pitching couldn't find the strength, so you know there's something meant for going on there. Well, see, now you think they went back in the second half of you and you know, he made the catch is there so maybe you could put it behind them? But you're right. It wasn't just entire. He brought that finished. Erica. Never best hands. You go live with Dad for the Steelers you sign and he knew that when you signed them, But, you know, Ju just had a couple drops. Even he's been generally sure handed throughout his career. Other than a couple of high profile drops he has had, but Yeah, well, you know, it's past. The point was anomaly. You know, you know the blood of our game. Okay, then have two weeks in a row. But you were still in three weeks in a row. When there's you know, multiple drops like that. It's something that Again when you're off with the struggling That certainly doesn't help. Not at all. Kristie Damn. Ski. Pittsburgh Tribune Review No job burrow. Carlos Don't live Traded away. Gino Atkins is done for the year. This Bangles team, even for what it was going to be before this season is a mere shell of that right now. So other than complacency What if the Steelers have to worry about in this game? I mean, I thought that way. That's the way the Fandor sir. Look at that that you know this was gonna be a purpose, you know, because they've had to stand the sub schedule here down the stretch. Um, with three a playoff teams and other bankers with the with the bills the cold in the brown. And you know, it looks like now. Washington Gonna be a playoff team the Ravens so that they may be close out the stretch here with Father six games against playoff team. This is the one that isn't now, obviously, um, you know, it's a division game may have seen north in the kitchen. Is that my call from like the college? They have the North game. And you know they're never actually gimmes. Although you know the past five or six years, dealers have swept the Bangles. Now going back. What? 2016 so but, you know Member. The viewers point the Dallas about a month ago, and they were still undefeated that point and face the backup quarterback and Garrett Gilbert. And you know the Dolphins here is the Cowboys team the only one to game and start with the beat them and you know they had their truck You know so much. Just the good of the record is a few hours, depending They've had a lot of, you know, Denver with members not too good with genetic close game with them. So little road game in the division on Do you know when a team has lost two in a row in the field? So you know, I don't think there's any See, we're certainly are at this point after the last couple weeks aren't approaching is this is gonna be a gimme that's for sure. No, I don't think there are no gimmes in the NFL anymore, and and you're right on that. But Would have loved to have seen burrow on the field with all those games under his belt against the Steelers. Right now, I think this would have been a hell of a lot more intriguing game than what it is right now. Chris A Damn Ski Pittsburgh Tribune Review. Good yesterday. This program, Chris, Thanks so much for your time. We appreciate it. They thought I was in Florida State in Cincinnati. All right, And that's tonight. Last time that the Bangles beat the Steelers here in Cincinnati, September 2013 Geo Bernard ran for a touchdown caught another touchdown pass. And Matt is that seemed like it was light years ago. 8 15 check all the coverage right here on 700 wlw Ken Brew for Scott Sloane on this Monday. Glad you are with us on 700 wlw 700 wlw. Don't get on a big jet airliner. No, no, no, You can't do that. It's covert 19. Unless, of course, you're an elected public.

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