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I'm sure there's a good word for that <music>. I'm the gold began type opponent of black mayor yeah now for me so all right well any music like in this well. That's what reminded me of manchester by the sea that kind of hymnal wire music. That's what i felt like. It was his me yeah. It's was preferred in that movie. Let's just say that i just i love it in this but i also i wasn't like i'm offended by this. I i was just it's their own. Music is playing. I did like i had my favorite steph ganged. No culture no way i wouldn't like thinking about stuff. That normally wouldn't like it's weird that you can't talk to your like family members to prove out like different like there's there's lots of different languages and stuff going on like and then but again. I don't really have like a very small family so it could also be that now like we're in like in america like all my friend. I mean green before. I can't understand a lot of my friends family because they're so southern. I'm not being funny. That's a fact just accent they live in. I don't know on the web eh people. I don't know they're saying that the fact yeah yes and then i liked like the wedding was crazy like people just wear normal girls. That's the way to go get to ask kinda cool like so i liked. I respect it. I like a lot of it but just did not do it for me it did not. I don't know why people are going crazy over. Ah i do wanna see many more movies like this like a lot more outside of our usual war scope like i think it's really awesome could usually i i think it's really impressive and also like important to incorporate different worlds as it were with each other her so it's not like a foreign fell like a move like you 'cause you call movies here just movies right not like an american movie or whatever or like yeah foreign film so i think it's cool that those are integrated more on that can be like a movie that joe jo- whole nother culture but without being like i don't know to me alienating in a way i suppose let's leave it at that sound so all right well at five clue okay. You know what i give it this. You gotta bear with me here. I'm used to that one time. My dad's lady friend who's like because goes lady in the world she for some reason we went to this turkish rash draw right but it wasn't really a restaurant it. It's like a a we did wonder restaurant fine but then next door was like a turkish people club like everyone in their only spoke turkish edge and there was like music playing and it was really nice. It was like this is cool but like what the heck is going on and then they keping like more theme morty and like we have drinking drinking tea turned out the tea like i don't know about the tea i don't i. I don't wanna say anything about the tea of turkish people okay but it was different than american eric indy and we could not keep giving it to us. You know what i mean. We're like okay and barbara by this point had got like she was playing violin with the people ban like she was gone like she was just my dad me and we were like oh my god. This is too much t._v..

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