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United States, but we've had them from all over the world. Bad breath is generally caused by an infection is caused by bacteria of that large, typically in a certain part of the tongue, and we have a number of tests to see if people really have bad breath because a lot of people think they have bad breath, But in reality, they don't have it. They just put their mouth taste funny or they're convinced they have it and very often they do, but very often. They don't have it. But they imagining that have it. So the first thing you want to do is determine if they really have bad breath or not. And we have three different tests that we run to determine whether they have bad breath or not, And the bad breath treatment takes about an hour. It's very, very thorough. We way remove and eliminate all of these bad breath causing bacteria. We teach the patient then how to make sure that these bad breath bacteria are gone. And also give them something that will kill any of these bad breath bacteria, and it's amazing. It's like turning off a faucet. You don't even have morning breath. Once your bad breath is treated, you continue treating it. And you just don't have bad breath ever again. After that, it's quite remarkable. And then it's basically gone forever. Right once it's gone forever. Unless you have onions, garlic or go on a strong diet shows can cause it. Otherwise it's gone. And so that's basically that's also one time treatment that you're doing so one trying treatment as wonderful. Well, we're out of time tonight and that wraps it up for the Doctor Nemeth Radio Show on News Talk. 7 60 wjr sponsored.

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