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Groove and right moving around even though right. Hey it's the song is called search. Save black league by steel pulse of the babylon the bandit album and i hope that we turn a couple of people onto this. Got to save glance music. You made me use this as an intro. When we get like manic with getting mad. I make a suggestion debut. Get manic about things not not always. It's occasional but you got fucking wild about it and i'm like all right sure on that on per broker. Glass sees that really excited. Oh it was like like when we had Patrick quitting the rene and angela fucking line isn't it was subsequently taken out still. They're sure there. When i heard okay but it's a t-shirt does it was taken out. Is that right. Well pretty cool out fucked up. Well you know you you heading that song. And i was like dance can is really good and it got me. Got me deep into it. Say black music. Save black music. So yeah that's my of my deal right Anyway so You wanna do some rips real quick. We've been going for how long we've been on for almost an hour. Oh crap god how many hours have been going for. Wow dollars How many dollars. Everybody makes this week. Well okay first and foremost the we have wrestling rips which are always a good time new jack. The wrestler had died. Even people know who knew. Jack is new jack. was a i would say he's not also round. He's a very famous e w russia. I didn't know who he was. Because i e c. W happen after. I fucking knepper checked out there's also a smoky mountain wrestling stalwarts Jim cornets smoking mountain wrestling of course and he had a flair for making backwoods hillbilly. Fucking fans really fucking mad at him. And i don't even know where to start. So i'm gonna what we'll do is we'll just take a little Before it get to the fucking depressing people being you play one new of new. Jags best promos and take from just figure out. What kind of guy he is you. You wanna talk about the you might be pushing to figure bundled in me. Taking a can of pointed and saying young thought like i come. I came pay. Whoever you put in front of me. i'm out o. J. simpson crowds to crowds suddenly goes grazing their minds. Farrakhan you spoke about but we will set. It was smokey mountain wrestling at the time. Well What i love is louis farrakhan is going to be the president and he's saying this in front of people in like west virginia who who were actually would want to kill him. That's i love it right. there's a there's another. there's a jim crow story where he had to push him into a station wagon and floor it to leave the wherever the cold dome wherever the fuck. They were in west. Virginia because people actually wanted to kill him and they threw rocks at the car. Go back windshield. but anyways The wrestling company came out company. The wrestling community came out. And we're in full force very sad that this person that they didn't know undyed up. Everybody this is jetson no progress. On sensor sensors a wrestling group down started in facebook is one of bestest on everybody. Now if you john glenn description just copy pace it or click on links as you're taking state to group respect for accuracy. He sounds like he's talking through your equalizer settings how dare you dare dare you right. Nikola jerome we know is new. Jet died friday. In north carolina from hard type. Multiple size are reporting net. He was years as new youngest most famous for been half of the to stashing along removed office. I started smoking restaurant and w where. They've now a hardcore ledger. Was a person has to be this man new jack here. 'cause how many west lose do you know who they are. Cutting up in the ring during a scaffold old man with a baseball bat snapping into golf and wrestling. And no matter. How many times healing got arrested for all this shit. This nigga wanda beaten those charges this your recipes new jag. You're definitely a hard collision. Wow may fourteen. Dr fauci twenty one. Dr falcone come back to talk about joel for having sex with benjamin netanyahu came back posted. Something I guess person poses in front of the depressing drop. Cla my best shots bengals on the road in. He posted rest in peace jack pullover to the side of the road. It's impossible totally possible. That a fifty year old wrestler might die of a heart attack due to purposely. Cut his head over a thousand times. The main onus newjec one of the toughest hardcore persons. I.

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