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Assets WTO PFM Braddock heights Frederick Back to Jack Taylor in the traffic center Hi Nick with a delays in Virginia both loops inner and outer loop approaching 66 You've got work along the right side both loops causing that slowdown They also had late delays on the dulles toll road eastbound collars and listeners emailing said hey up at the main toll Plaza tractor trailer was hit follow police direction there 66 going east the first wreck before one 23 moved to the shoulder Work after one 23 sits in the right lane then you're still a very heavy and slow to a point before the beltway crash cleanup has two to the right getting by In Centreville 28 northbound between Compton road and old mill road the work zone has just a left lane getting by so please be careful Little heavier on three 95 going southbound There was a work zone just watch out for it unfortunately south near duke street taking away that far left lane Watch for the crash now in fairfax on Blake lane up near 5 oaks road following police direction There had been a little delay in the district earlier run an I two 95 south down your suitland park by the earlier work had just a right lane getting by hoping maybe that's gone because the delay has completely eased The WTO P traffic centers presented by window nation by two windows get two free Visit window nation dot com today Jack Taylor WTO P traffic Storm team fours chuck bell with our forecast Not a thunderstorm chance during the day today but there could be some rumbles of thunder late tonight and some more thunderstorm chances late tomorrow night into early Thursday morning As for.

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