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Cincinnati Apparent sentinel overdose in prison led the dozens being treated in chillicothe with the five o'clock. Report on Jeff Henderson breaking, now is a very serious event today's. A lot of people but I can. Tell you right now this could have been a lot worse the doctor who handled over. Two, dozen people suffering from exposure to what appears to be no it began and the Ross Correctional Institution in. Chillicothe state highway patrol, now says twenty nine people were treated Twenty-eight sent. To hospitals including Twenty-three correction officers for. Nurses and one inmates another inmate was. Treated at the scene all of the victims expected to survive HP says it started with a report of an inmate with signs of an, overdose just after nine AM Narcan was administered to the. Man those treating the inmate and those nearby also fell ill cell block had to be cleared out in a has Matt team, called in, samples of, the substance, have been collected, for, testing Ryan burrow ABC news Now the latest traffic and weather together from the UCLA traffic center congratulations to UC medical. Center, and Westchester hospital for receiving high honors from US news and World Report a lot of rain in the. Area right now some, visibility issues as well the result of an accident. Have dude was spun out vehicle nor. Seven to seventy five south of Kirby. Near the Indiana border also one with injuries Glenn way near sunset two accidents on reading road one northbound at victory Parkway and the second, between east university and Martin Luther King east to seventy. Five is thick from seventy five to Loveland Madeira north seventy five thick from Mitchell up to Reagan I'm rob Williams on NewsRadio, seven hundred, wwl w.

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