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Well I just in terms of that scale the shortage in Poland in terms of drivers is a 123,000 people And the whole association's estimate here is a 100,000 So I do think we have to have that sort of sense of scale and where there's hundreds of thousands of shortages and drivers across the continent as well as here But in terms of the temporary visas we have introduced some We know we are being pragmatic here but overall this shortage predates Brexit and we've been talking about potential shortages upcoming in this industry for years and years and years And actually I do think we need to accurately diagnose it as one of wages and conditions So that we can properly solve the problem Yeah but wages and conditions are going to be a long-term issue as indeed as training new people even the amount of visas we don't see vast numbers of Laurie drivers coming back with the change in the system I mean we're going to be stuck with this for well for several months perhaps even half a year going forward aren't we What are the changes that we've made making it easier to get that license which is you know people are coming through now We've seen the visas of being put in place which will help some people come over But we've also seen something which is happening already which is that wages that are being offered to new drivers are increasing That's something that we're already seeing within the sector But for the short term problem that we've got now we've taken some pragmatic steps and we've also got as you'll have seen the military starting today to help in those areas where you are seeing some acute problems to help unblock some of the systemic challenges we're facing That was clear cotino who was conservative in people sorry east all supplementary private Secretary of the Treasury speaking to me from Manchester yesterday on Bloomberg Westminster on today's program we're going to have much more of this on what's going on in Manchester Laura farris is conservative MP for newbury We'll be joining us live from Manchester and you can catch it all at noon UK time on London DAB or download the podcast later from Apple music or your preferred radio app Lots to come then on UK politics Now for the latest in global news it's been basically an Good morning Anna and thank you Facebook suffered a major shutdown for around 6 hours yesterday.

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