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Wednesday nights the most violent night of the week. DPD says hot spots include the Far North East, East, Colfax, West Colfax and South federal. We will refuse to accept that this is a new normal. In the life of this city, one city that has been considered for a very long time, one of the more on the safest cities in the country, While the definite cause for the surgeon violence is not clear, we were told stress caused by the Kobe pandemic, maybe partly to blame his Fox Lady's one's vicinity. Arranges reporting, Colorado Springs Church is planning a memorial service for an 11 year old boy who disappeared in late January and was later found dead. Restoration Church will hold the memorial for Gannon Stout Friday, starting at 10 a.m. The public cannot attend in person. The event will be had vert held virtually and live stream through the church's Facebook page. Elaine Maxwell wants to be moved from her jail cell. Her lawyers say she subjected around the clock surveillance and numerous body scans. Jeffrey Epstein's confidante, faces charges of recruiting and grooming underage girls to be sexually assaulted by the billionaire financier. Attorneys are asking for a judge to take her out of solitary confinement so she can prep for Jennifer Trial Ed Sheeran and his wife, Cherry Seaborne, reportedly expecting their first child, the Sun reporting last night that the shape of you singer and Seaborne or expecting a baby soon the two got married in June of 2019. The news comes after Sharon made the announcement that he's taking a break from using it the end of the year following over two years of touring. Plus, he does some light acting as well. I actually think he's kind of funny. In the rules I've seen officially was yesterday yesterday. Me abilities, Dude. Yeah. Made fun of himself, too. May coming up in money news, DEA. Add some flights. Yeah, even during the pandemic and college football all butt off for the fall season. Talk about all of that ahead. The next 5 10 minutes, 7 37 as we head back outside, sunny and beautiful. How are the roads? Jon, But we're pretty crowded this morning. April I found the problem on westbound.

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