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Lord. Awesome. Awesome. I'm doing a podcast. I'll call you back. Okay. All right. Bye. Love you love you. So two thousand eleven Tom Christina come over to my house that Monday, right? So I I do Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday. That's what's three to the seven shows. Right. I go into radio and people are calling Dave and Jimmy and they're like, oh this the machine, and Dave and Jimmy are like what's the machine to story? I told on Rogan. Yeah. And they're like what is it? So I tell it there. And then I go to the show that night on Thursday and it sold out but not sold out. But it's it's half papered. Right. It's sold. There are a lot of soul tastes. But it's papered. Right. But my bonus was papered or sold. It didn't matter if it if it was sold out. So I go up Thursday, and I start doing my act it Zan and the guy goes the machine gnarly on the machine, and I go guys I'm not going to tell it and this kid in the front row goes, hey, man, like loud enough, the whole room for your for the whole room to here. He goes. Hey, man, we understand that it won't be good yet. But in order for it to get good, Bert. You gotta tell it. Scott census, -til, it's like your own mind speaking. Yeah. And he goes and the guys in the back the guys in the back, like don't worry. We're here for you, man. Just gotta tell. You know, Rogan said, you gotta tell it. And trust me. It's okay. If it's bad so often, it's right there. So I tell it, and it didn't do well, but they clapped and then I got done and then I call in the next show. Same thing. They're yelling the machine them shea guys. I'm not in another guy goes come on, man. Rogue is you gotta tell it. You gotta tell it. And so like FOX why tell it again. And then I go back and saves troops. Like, it's a great story. I go. Yeah. He goes. So you're going to tell that every show, and I go no in the third show Saturday that week. I didn't tell it. Right. And Dave comes back, and he goes, hey, man. I got some guys in the in the bar there little upset they drove all the way from dot dot dot. And you didn't tell the machine story there waiting for you out there. They want to hear the machine story. What's? So I go out to the bar. This is like the first week telling the barn. I tell it to these guys, and they go any minute story right at the time at the time is probably a fifteen seventeen minutes story. So I go to these guys and they go. Hey, man, Joe. Said you have to tell them, and you gotta tell it, Bert. If you want to be a better comic, you gotta tell it don't worry about killing. But like you got better comics challenge. It's mantra right there, legit comedy fans. Right. So then I was like fucking I'm telling every show. So I told it every show I sold out all seven shows competence old. And I and Dave strips like you get I really big bonuses that yeah. And he's like you get a thousand dollars per bonus for sold out, really. And he goes, I didn't tell me why he goes joining cash or a check taking cash, so he gave me seven thousand dollars cash, Tom and Christina came over. And I was making it rain on my daughter. But yeah, that that that how many years into comedy was that how long were you doing stand up professionally or just I'm trying to think so two thousand eleven to two thousand nineteen right now that was eight years ago years ago eight years ago, I was thirty seven. Wow, thirty seven thirty eight. So you were doing comedy for while. And you just it. I was I started comedy in in when I was twenty six. Yeah. Twenty years ago twenty years ago, so ninety nine see that's what I'm saying. Like, and that's why like it's like a comedians like, so there's when I see comedian who's very young age wise. It's like he he or she may maybe maybe not. But there's just on alternately going to get better. Like anybody who I sit and laugh laugh laugh part they've been to some shit, man. Like, I'm thirty four have been doing comedy eight nine years yet. And I feel honored for things that I've been able to get but I feel like I'm nowhere near where I need to be keep work at thirty four headlining. Headlining? I had two kids. And I remember someone saying to me you're the youngest headliner in the chain the franchise. Wow. And I went yeah. And I looked at the lineups. And I was like, yeah. It was me. Steve berm was like thirty four. But like we were the youngest sa- girl was a headlining Eddie was still like featuring he was in his by twenty eight at the time. But that was maybe twenty six, but yeah that thirty four was. A good fucking time. Yeah. I I feel like you know, like, I I have an hour an hour special coming out comedy central size, thirty eight waist Friday January eighteenth, and I'm proud of it. I'm certainly proud of it. But I just feel like, you know, and it's and it's and it's the last ten year nine ten years of my work. So it's great. But I feel like ten years from now I'll look back at this special. I'm hoping it'd be like, oh, wow. Member when I used to do that shit, you know that special rights comfortably dumb if I went through and told you those jokes. I I'm not in barest, but I go that was me trying to write for what was selling at the time. There's a book by called the art of war or

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