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Security conference in Germany our correspondent Charlie dagger is watching some dangerous grounds This is kind of a no man's land between the last area the last territory that's safely being held by Ukrainian forces and Russian separatists who they've been fighting for a number of years as far as their concerned the battle against Russia and Ukraine is already underway but importantly what they've told me is the intensity and the fighting the escalation in the kind of weapons being used heavy artillery and weaponry in the past few days is like nothing that they've seen in years Back here about the COVID pandemic The CDC still recommends universal masking yet every state but Hawaii has ended or is planning to lift mask mandates The drastic drop in cases is motivating Americans to dine out travel and hit theme parks once again California lifted its indoor mask mandate last week but here in LA county you can only take off your mask if you're outdoors the indoor requirement will remain in place for several weeks Los Angeles Canada's parliament is much more reachable now than it has been the past three weeks Anti government demonstrators had effectively gridlocked major parts of Ottawa originally in protest of Canadian COVID vaccination regulations Police eventually showed up in large numbers and in riot gear in a chief Steve ball The officers on the ground have shown patience and professionalism They are well trained and experienced and they needed all of that expertise to bring the results that we are seeing Which is a lot of vehicles removed and a lot of protesting people too without serious violence despite some minor skirmishes As the Winter Olympics finish up in China correspondent Jamie mucus looks at some of the transitions we have watched The final farewell to legendary snowboarder Sean white and a major hello to American born free skier Eileen goo The painful wipeout of Michaela schifrin who is over 5 in medal event but golden redemption for Nathan Chen After his Pyeongchang disappointment Four people have been heard in two helicopter crashes on opposite coasts one off Miami Beach in the east the other of police helicopter off Newport Beach in Southern California that chopper belonging to the police department of nearby Huntington Beach This is CBS News Never miss a moment top news from WTO P 24/7 360 five listen on air on Alexa and on the WTO p.m. One O three Sunday morning February 20th 2022 23 in northwest D.C. breezy and coulter is into the teens overnight Hello there I'm Ian Crawford the top stories we're following at this hour and arrest.

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