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Your guest host Richard Serra Ghana. Is known as the screaming eagle of soul. That's fillet. Charles Bradley aimed at a sin. More than a thousand people unaccounted for in California, wildfires and the death toll from the campfire in northern California has increased to seventy one people again over a thousand people unaccounted for this. According to the Butte county sheriff's office, and we are cautioned that this list is quote, end quote dynamic and will fluctuate. In other words, more bad news, coming our way, firefighters are gaining some ground against the two deadly California wildfires but residents in northern parts of the state are facing a new threat, the dirtiest air quality levels in the world. And that's saying something rain could help knock down the flames as early as this Tuesday evening, but officials say it could also complicate efforts to find human remains in some cases. Search crews were finding a little more than bones and. Bone fragments. Granted it could complicate things. But for myself, I'm praying for rain. All right. Open lines coming up next for the next two hours on coast to coast. It would be nice wouldn't it to hear some positive story? Some miracles rising from the ashes of these northern California wildfires would love to hear from you. If you've been affected by the wildfires, perhaps you have a miracle to share. That's just one little thing that we can offer up for the next two hours. But if you'd like to share something paranormal or conspiratorial, well, of course, I'm all ears. Open lines next on coast to coast AM..

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