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Always buy outs over dr justin quinn and we have some real actual celtics basketball to discuss. So let's just get in and welcome our guest this week. One only chris forsberg chris. How're you what's going on. Everybody thank you for having me. Come on how things over. Nbc sports boston new actually things to report on. Yeah i know it's so weird actually Disappeared for a couple of weeks this summer when i go down to south carolina and that's always fun But the celtics were super busy week. They resigned Marcus they they extended raw and So everything is kind of crazy going down and then i came back and it was quiet for like a month so it's nice that things have picked back up that we have some trained against watch that we have games to watch now and so Excited to actually be able to talk about something other than like all the moves brad. Stevens made this off season. Had like three different bradley. Beal podcasts this summer because everything happened to the first week of july yet. That's exactly Alex how's your show down in. Dc shows great cam. thanks for asking first off. I don't know of anybody is listening. But if you are thank you so much coming out to show This past friday a d. c. Nine down washington dc With find sweater and crystal issue band our good friends shot up to them. They actually listen to this. Podcast found out which is weird. Because they're dc but here we are. I'm feeling good man. I'm having a good week. Chris really happy to have you here. This is going to be a fun podcast. So things are all good over here. Dr clinton things mexico not too shabby me myself. A lovely sandwich for lunch that has disagreeing with me considerably be okay. These are good. We have the most interesting interest on his guests. I let's talk with the basketball instead of just justin sandwich and a concert. That already happened. So chris you're here to talk about A little bit of news and we're going to look forward to the entire season but we might as well talk about. Last night's preseason game right off the top so we have a few things that we thought were interesting. But first and foremost what was your your key takeaway from this preseason game. Well the first thing we're not gonna talk about rob's performance because as the president of the family fan club we are not going.

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