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Driver. Kurt Busch made it a front row. Sweep for the kitty core on Friday. He'll start on the outside pole today. He's climbed all the way to fourth in the point standings and after winning his first career Winston Cup race at Bristol earlier. This season. Steve's definitely ought role right now he's with our Winston Kelly of Charlotte North Carolina Day. They've been extraordinarily fairly consistent all year. Long another good qualifying effort just four one thousands of a second off the bud pole but I know what you're concentrating on is the race package. How was it yesterday in practice? Discard Bush. They seem to be real good clouds. were out and it was a bit cool. Now we've got Sunny California sunshine so it's GonNa Change Your set up a little bit. I hope we made it adjustable enough. We're GONNA try to stay in that clean air and make sure that the rubbermaid emblem on the hood stays up front. That's the goal when we saw yesterday afternoon or yesterday morning you commented that you hoped it stayed cool. Did you make a lot of changes ages. This morning. We made some changes yesterday and happy hour. Just try them out. Obviously the track conditions were today. So we're just trying to see and that's what we did at Bristol when we're able to come away with a successful accessible car. There was to try things that wouldn't normally work for that condition but my work later on in Bristol changed around on Race Day morning. So hopefully we'll be able to roll the dice the same way speaking Bristol. Oh he admitted that he didn't really expect to win his first race there but he wouldn't be at all surprised from win number to come today here at California the leader of the grave beared contingent. Today's event Dale Jarrett Jarrett qualified in the third position. He has been since last July New Hampshire since he's gone to victory lane on a Nascar Winston Cup racing. The season has got off kind of slow for the UPS. Es Four team see what he thinks about his chances here today Tony Zuhdi of Charlotte North Carolina is with Dj. It's his best qualifying effort of two thousand and two. This track is known. One is a horse power track but everywhere. We've gone this year. We've heard that dreaded word Aero Push how important is it to stay up front in the clean air here this afternoon. I think it's very important and I think if you look at this racetrack and we talk about it. There's two things that you have to have and that's a good aero package and you had a lot of horsepower and hopefully we've got that but Standing Dan Clean Air will be very very important. Today now your team with Robert. Yates Motors are known for a tunnel horsepower. But everybody knows the more power the less gas mileage you get is s something you worked on while we've tried to work hard obviously since Texas too. But we're going to try to be smart about that today. We think that we can get to the fifty lap mark. which is what you need to do? In case this would go green and we can make it in four stops well. He is amongst all the young guys but he's hoping to have a good run. Today is best career finish at California's Fifth Dale Jarrett in the UPS. Ford will roll off. Third Michael Waltrip starts the NAPA auto parts Chevrolet six today in his sponsors race with the way the cars have run of the bigger tracks. This season he's gotta be feeling pretty good today. Jim Phillips. Let's let's talk to Michael Walter starting in the top five today. Okay and aero package is one of the best in the business. Could that make a difference for you today. Well our cars are real good on the big shots where you don't have to have a whole lot of downforce. He said these tracks where you need a real balanced downforce car. We seem to be dow junior gets on top of it but we haven't been able to yet with our NAPA car. We're working real hard to learn what he knows and to to borrow some knowledge from his team and try to give ourselves an opportunity to be competitive at attract like like we. We are here today at California. Where aerodynamics is a big backer today I know you WanNa win Other than the restrictor plate race. or where do you have to be you now. Say Fifty fifty or forty laps. You just have to show all day long that you've got fast enough car to lead the race you gotta be right up Bryant and you had to fall back you gotta be able to make your move toward the front and and then that proves your cars fast enough and then you know it might come down to take into tires tires. Works worked well yesterday. You want that track position late in the race but just having tracked position isn't enough you. You have to show that your car is fast enough to keep at once you once you get it. That's Mike Walter. Rusty Rusty Wallace's offending winner of the NAPA auto parts. Five hundred starts today in the tenth. transposition Tony with him. Well Rusty Wallace has one of his best cars. Here mad. Max How can you make it two in a row. I have got a really good car. It's kind of a lot of horsepower bronner's hood and it's been a real strong and practice in the same car had last year. I hit really. There doesn't mean a lot but it's been completely rebuilt changed around and it's been running strong while he was nineteen and a happy hour but seemed to get better on. The long runs Rusty Wallace qualified tenth for today's Napa Auto Parts. Five hundred coming off a win last weekend at Talladega Dale Earnhardt Jr. ten years now cracked the top five in the points. He's talking like a man who has some plans to make a run for the championship today. He's going to be a factor today to as well too. Yeah Yeah we'll be gotTA LOOK APP for this event Coming back he has a win here. The Nascar Busch series came several years ago and has had a couple of top five finishes in Winston Cup competition. We'll talk to him and just a few moments in here for more of the drivers getting set for the start of today's NAPA auto parts. Five hundred is a beautiful sunny Sunday afternoon near Southern California. Nothing like Friday afternoon. We'll be came into town. I for Bud Pole qualifying yesterday for the Nascar Busch series event. We had some threatening skies matter of fact qualifying was delayed for the Busch series washed out on Friday. It was very cold here on Friday but warmed up nicely and should be perfect for racing here today time now for our drivers spotlight brought to you by. Mbna the issue of the official Mass Car Visa Credit Card. Here's Dan Hubbard with Greg. Griffeth Greg You with a NASCAR craftsman truck champion in two thousand one five busch races last year. And while you're still the man behind the wheel the Grainger Ranger Ford in the Busch series today. March your first Winston Cup start. You've gotta be excited. I really am and you know the guys who worked really hard for putting a a lot of pressure on our team guys to get the Winston Cup cars prepared along with Some extra guys we've got for partial Winston Cup program so the guys done a great job gang. Give me cars together to to race out here and just excited that we qualified yesterday. You know we we had an injured Brahma Daytona trying to get in and today yesterday everything worked well for qualifying and car is pretty good happy hour. So we're excited your rows teammate. Kurt Busch was brought up to the Winston Cup ranks before you were take acres back to that day and and how you came to deal with well really. I was okay with that because Kurt didn't really have a future set. You know where he was going to go and what had happened is Really didn't have any plans to how many sponsors for the truck series and there's opening in the Winston Cup series so they elected to do that. We were in a long term contract reckless grainger so I was kind of bound by a contract and really couldn't go anywhere. Do anything different. Today's your First Cup start. What is your strategy strategies? He's this I want to get a top twenty finish. I'm going to try and stay on the lead lap today Like to finish in the top twenty. Just try and stay at everybody's way gained some respect back from these guys learn something you know. We're here to learn for next year and we're this is a start of building a notebook for next year. And I think that we're going to be able to do that. Our car car ran decent and happy hour. I'm pretty comfortable in. The car ran pretty good yesterday in the Bush race. So just try new some of those strategies today and hopefully we get myself ratchets up in the top fifteen or twenty and try and finish their. Greg is one of more than sixty drivers who endorse the official NASCAR credit card by. MBNA apply for a card with photo of your favorite driver an MBA dot com or visit. One of the familiar green. MBNA booze the next time yard. A major NASCAR event fearing the pressure really is on Greg. Today he starts the twenty ninth position and it's got to be quite a great feeling that always find a mate into the Winston Cup series. His first ever start in this division had a shot to get in Daytona Tony. Things didn't work out well for him and I know it's been a long wait to get here to California to take his second attempt at the Winston Cup rank certainly won't be his last and he looks for a good run today now. Now let's take a look back at a previous race here. California speedway with tough triumphs brought to you by tough act to Napkin today. We look back to the year. Two thousand when Jeremy Mayfield came from a lap down battled extreme heat and his car's cockpit to come out on top trouble intern for. It's for Robby Gordon Machine. He slammed the wall. The rear end the exit of turn four. Bought the caution flag swag is out. After the leader took the white flag they race back for the win and turn one may feel still the five permanent lead practice transfer to to the inside lane swinging up against the outside retaining wall. The last time they hit the back straightaway over body body and second down the backstretch for the last time. It is Jeremy Mayfield in the top spot. Only elite of about two carling's over Bobby Labonte the second Matt Kenseth in third of the crew. Trying to drop alongside Bobby Labonte but it looks like German. Mayfield up a turn for here. They call off the final corner to the start. Finish line he was a lap down at the first pitstop. He's going to come back to win. Jeremy Mayfield takes the NAPA auto parts. Five hundred at California Jeremy Mayfield out a victory lane. Jim Phillips's IT started off pretty bad today about the first. Bobby had Jeremy and we integrate car. Evidently we problem in a whole lot of time one time and I was like I'm not GonNa make it. You know I mean I'm never got over the car and Thaws Barnow burn up. They feel me a license that day. Jeremy Mayfield achieved a tough triumph. Brought to you by connected acted tackle athlete's foot with tough acton to knack. It wasn't just bill to be a museum. It was built to be a shrine to the history heritage and Future of the sport. What we love visit the Nascar Hall of fame and see how petty earnhardt and hundreds of other NASCAR legends became Heroes Watch their most electrifying moments experience realistic racing simulators and much more planet trip to the Nascar Hall of fame in Charlotte Tickets Nascar Hall Dot Com Nascar Holiday Take? This is our sport. This is our house from the racetrack to the road. Home fill up with the official look. NASCAR SONOKO makes high-quality not performance fields for the greatest drivers in the world. Both on and off the track whether you're pulling up to the pump or experiencing the excitement being at the track on race day. This will be four tanks. I've already topped it up. Tobacco service complete second fan of Sonoko fuel. And he's doubted way. Trust enough to be the fuel that keeps you going. Capture the the essence of racing and fill up with the official fuel of NASCAR Sonoko. RN radio presents the NASCAR Winston Cup series today Napa auto parts five hundred sponsored by NAPA AUTO PARTS NAPA. We keep America running by Chevrolet. Give only everything was as dependable as a Chevy Chevy. We be there by seventy-six gasoline making use of the official fuel of NASCAR by Festus. Have your breaks checked every year and ask for best is the best in breaks by Tom. Johnson's camping center the official. RV dealer of the motor racing network by the Home Depot Depot Nascar's home improvement warehouse by Budweiser with the Crisp. Clean refreshing taste. You'll find no other beer this bud's for you. You White craftsman be official tools of NASCAR CART and the NHRA craftsmen now proud sponsor of the NASCAR craftsman truck.

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Napa, California, Jeremy Mayfield discussed on Classic Races

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