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Spidey famous again, Spencer famous again. Oh. Activation. There are some crazy. Fires narrow spoke up. It's like the apocalyptic. Oh, apocalyptic morning so much craziness going on in California and the world, really. So. Yep. We're okay. Anyone? I'm wondering about our fires. They're not here, but they are Malveaux. So we're praying for everybody out there. Be safe topics. Crazy fire looks crazy dot is our first morning here. Crazy today. Take a breath. Heidi take red. Okay, great. We had Spencer's mom go to dinner with us earlier today, which was really fun. Oh, we had our Pratt. Doughty party. Tell about the Pratt. Daddy party. I would like you to talk 'cause I feeling in one minute you're going to get up and run. And then it's going to be meet as talking to myself. So I like to hear hear your voice for a minute on this podcast because I'd be like, I'm taking my throat is describing a you running downstairs to gutters. Rescue. No barking in the studio. We had Pratt daddy party, which was really fun at worked did everything Spencer wanted to avenue hotspot in Hollywood, we had all the most amazing influencers. They're beautiful models. Celebrities. I mean, it was all the Hollywood parties dream of everyone more Pratt. Daddy crystals. We decide doing open bar, which was a last minute decision. But then we thought well, you might as well to spend that extra money because we've already put so much into it, and everyone will really enjoy themselves so much more. If there's an open bar. No one's bringing cash. So I was having a majoring Ziobro. You cannot have a private party of an have people pull out cash or credit card for their fricking drinks. We had abbey here at nine thirty to try to do the podcast an hour ago. But then I've had a lot. Of complications. So we're supposed to do this earlier. So I could be more involved. But it is what it is. So the the product party was great. We had money man there. He was great. I had to leave before money man, performed is supposed to go on around eight thirty nine I thought so I'd be able to see him and then at ten o'clock, all right gunner, and I have both been sick. And I need to get home and put under died. So I had to race out the door, and I didn't get to see him. But what I saw on Instagram. It was great everyone was loving their daddy crystals. We have of their the wizard which was so much fun. The hills was filming it. So we had the cast members there which was great because I don't think they would have been there if we weren't filming. So yes, we got more celebrity cameos, we add pres- Hilton there. We have a lot of people there. Michael at senior through it, a senior entertainment hottest entertainment tau group. All the right words, all the right things like a day hashtag machine. Yeah. But the most important thing reason people listen to podcasts as to hear about Heidi sleep turn. What's the update Heidi? Oh, lord. I dunno guttering. I've been so sick. It's been challenging. So I called the sleep consultant because I was thinking that he needs to start learning to sleep on his own because I don't want to breastfeed much longer and spend thirteen months going on fourteen months here. And I haven't wanted to do it past January. So I don't know I need to figure out how to get him to sleep on his own. And I can't sleep with him. In a crib is just I mean without him in a crib. It's impossible and either don't know how much longer I can survive like this. So. Nez gonna get a sleep consultant. And I think I will. But I just I don't know. She's like you have to put him in his crib, and let them kinda cry and self soothe and I was like, oh, yeah. Theoretically that sounds great. And then I don't know if I can do it so trying to figure out another way in my head. So I'm only gonna feed him is my plan in my mind in the mornings and the night, and I'm going to stop feeding him in the day and let him roll himself to sleep. And if he doesn't take a nap he doesn't take an app, and I just need to stop feeding him to sleep per.

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