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Detroit, Harper Woods Police Department, Johnny Thomas discussed on 24 Hour News


I'm Stephanie Davis, w w j NewsRadio nine fifty s. Okay. Accumulate up to an inch before tapering off later this morning, low twelve complete AccuWeather forecast. Coming up. Thank you, Carl Ericson seventeen in the city of Detroit under cloudy skies. We'll check traffic and weather together. Just ahead at five. Oh, eight w w j news time five or six out of Harper woods police are able to resolve a situation involving an armed gunman. A man called the Harper woods police department just after one o'clock Saturday afternoon saying that he was armed. And then he was not coming out of his house alive this near morose, and I ninety four police dribble to determine that. The suspect was not alone a mother and baby were also in the house authorities dispatched a special response team. They're able to establish contact with the suspect who allowed the mother and child to leave the house around. To twenty the suspect surrendered minutes later. Nobody was injured in a twenty two year old suspect was taken into custody that Clark w w j NewsRadio nine fifty a Detroit. Police commander has been arrested on suspicion of drunk driving and causing an accident commander. Johnny Thomas is accused of causing a three car accident at the stoplight at MAC and Saint Antoine around twelve thirty Saturday morning. They say Thomas's blood alcohol content was measured at the scene and was allegedly over twice the legal limit. The driver of one of the other cars was taken to the hospital and released Detroit. Police chief James Craig says Thomas has been placed on it and ministry of leave. A local man missing. Since early January has been found dead near lake Saint Clair, the McComb county dive team pulled the lifeless body of a Seventy-seven-year-old Donald Boden out of a canal Saturday afternoon after boating spotty was spotted by an ice fisherman, cutting holes in the ice boat and had been reported missing. From his Harrison township home back on January. The seventh Boden was found about four hundred yards from that home foul play is not suspected in the death. But the investigation is continuing w w j news.

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Detroit, Harper Woods Police Department, Johnny Thomas discussed on 24 Hour News

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