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Good to be here. And marie francis welcome to weaken review. Thank you for having me on excited. All right let's do this and There's no better indication of a return to normal than when the news we talk about is politics and fights over money and you tour just the people to talk about it. So let's start most locally here in boston just around down for the listeners. To things happening. I the city council and acting mayor janey attempting change to the budgeting process to give the council more power over the money. A boston globe editorial board Their editorial board actually calling that out today as an end run around the city charter in a quote unquote grab for power. So now the council is also pushing back on acting near kim genie's current budget proposal. Three point seven six billion dollars. One voice andrea campbell is who's running against janey says no so our counselors michelle wu and in usa siber- george also seemed to be pushing back. The vote is on the thirtieth of june. Not guaranteed lots going on there. Just general reactions. Charlie just my first reaction is that i would avoid any kind of large structural change in the way the state of the way. The city does budgeting In the midst of a budget debate in which a third. Or i'm sorry. A quarter of the of the council is running for mayor..

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