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I got here. Good nj one five dot com for the recipe. That's nj one five dot com. And if you're looking for something to do this weekend, we've got you covered. Check out producer. Chris list top things to do here in the Greek guard state. Go to nj one five dot com. We'll be back jokes traffic weather in the heads. It's all coming up from the college of New Jersey on New Jersey one, oh, one point five, New Jersey. One point five makes your smartphone even smarter. Absolutely. So you can listen anytime, anywhere. Cheers, he news fast. Traffic and instant weather phone, plus call into your favorite shows submit a photo or shares on Facebook search for New Jersey, one point five, and your store and get a free fast. And now. You gotta make it a lucky day this Sunday at mama park at the forty ninth annual Irish festival from eleven to seven grab your favorite green outfit. Celebrate your inner Irish at a day filled with authentic food music, dancing, the sound, the bagpipe fulfill, the air, plus what's to Uman horse races. That's right. Raising money for a great cause. And it gets will enjoy free kids activities from noon to four for one day everyone's iris at mama parks, forty ninth annual iris festival. This Sunday from eleven to seven. This spring out with the old and invite the awesome as in, in the fastest reliable internet, powered by which means incredible coverage, even when everyone is online, plus it's in with finding all your favorite live TV net flicks. Prime video and more just by speaking into your voice remote. Don't miss the spring fail. It's out with the old and in with a simple easy awesome. To learn more, click call or visit store today. Restrictions apply. Available in all. Your old guests yard tools of met their match right now. The Home Depot has Thursday savings on the ego fifty-six volt cordless from room blower combo kit, just two hundred forty nine bucks. It has the performance of gas without the hassle. It's too powerful tools powered by fifty six volt lithium ion battery platform and right now it's at a price. No one can match today's the day for doing with ego. Trimmer blower combo just to forty nine only at the Home Depot. More saving, more doing while supplies last bride says everyone is raving about the herbs. My aunt was asking if you.

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