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Made along the way. 'cause i'm trying to do about one or two movies. Mvp obviously would you say chunks. She katie trevor. Oh i know who. I know this already is. It's one where it's will. Oh you're not going with sean. She as movies. Mvp i mean i. I love shaanxi. I love move. Like joe like whoo tall that character. He was acting circles around everybody. Like he's a legend bro to coming to the mc you inject that much emotion that much like he was just like y'all y'all kids like i know it's q- but this is what alleged looks like interesting. Wow i will go with shaanxi as the the really unbridled. Mvp of this movie the unquestioned mvp of this movie is shocked. She to me but interesting. I love when wu. I loved when i will do a whole type of movie. I would do the whole win. Woo type of movement will be great so looking ahead. Now we have long been credit. Seen what are your theories on. How the ten rings organization Is going to play itself out because we know it's still exists. We know they shall stressors now. A ahead of it would eat. Where where are we going with all this stuff like. Where are we going with. we saw. We saw bruce manner his arm cylinder. Sling it we saw captain marvel. She had to leave again. Where is she going. What's pulling captain marvel away. What's going on to where captain marvel had to go do something that must be some cosmic type of schism that's going on what's going on to captain marvel hassle. Leave always leaving every movie. She's in she's shows up as a holiday percents right. I gotta go. And i'm like well. She says i mean look. She says there's a lot of plans out there. Now all of those planets have the avengers so she veto secret invasion could be a secret invasion. Who knows who knows also saying right. Now we got a lot of. We got a lot on the board. We got the black widows out. There we got the contessa out there. Okay now we got the ten ratings. There's a lot of there's a lot of different armies that are forming and we still got the comments like it's a lot and we're gonna get atlantis shit. Yeah everything's coming and all these factors are going to be up against each other. I think this movie was just dipping his toe into that broad sort of scale of that broad sort of pawn chess of what of what's going to happen and what all of these factors these factors remers at different parts of the world here as well as they're going to be some kind of massive worldwide faction thing against each other. Are the thunderbolts. Going to have to come in and and deal with something. That's international with tim. raines condo. Atlantis are all up against because we know they will kaden. Lantis will probably going to get busy. You know so like what's going to be happening on earth is all of this stuff is happening around in space because the and on so much we gotta go to our versus though we gotta go to the versus rankings. So we're gonna versus raise we. We're we're gonna we're gonna play a little game here Little versus game around so to get a sense of this movie mc ranking we have listed five mc you movies k with interesting parallels to shanxi for us to quickly debate. What the better movies a right producers. Six steve help us out here ahead. Get us into this land. Okay can listen to this versus land. We're gonna put these movies up. We're gonna play a quick game of is it better. Is it better than this is gonna get rough round one mc orange movies that feature mystic realms cianci or for the first one which one do you like better easier gotta be sore. You've gotta be like. Here's a thing thor you know. We just saw low-key disney plus show. That's how amazing was in terms of like we're all building and i think sean she get there like don't don't get it to us. I think sean we'll get there but like doors iconic what thomas did in that crit like store jomie. I'm rocky with charles. I gotta admit market with you. I got. I think thor is is the better film. I mean again. Like i enjoy shanxi but though had little you know some extra seeing it you know two thousand eleven and no. It's not you know on on a on viewing twenty twenty one. But it's still like i got a rock with like door was is. He's guy every like the beliefs. Eyebrows is a little much. But which i'm still. I'm still rocking. I'm still rocking with door. Now the sean she's better than door. You're wow doorman you've only seen this movie twice a year rates knob rio national. She's the original thor sean. She's better than original guys. That's the original doors. okay Song she is better than original door. It just is all right round to well. The real mandarin please stand up. Shanxi versus ironman. Three all right sean. I don't even know why is well. I i personally have a soft spot for iron man. I three is a little. You know underrated you know in a low threes really good. It's an ashanti is a way better movie. I admit through like guys. Let's not true. Like i'm the guy with the heartaches takes do we don't have to do. We have to have a conversation about ironman. Three three is good. It's not good. I meant it's not. Let's not say it's good. I have my problems with it. But i think parts of iron three that are unwatchable. What all the extremist shit. i mean. it's flimsy but it's not bad it's not bad guys come on. Let's not rewrite. His she went are made three came out. People were pinot. No i i liked it. I loved it. You know way song. Songsheet is a worst movie than ireland. There's no possible way. i'm not. I'm gonna go with iron man three. Oh i think. I think it's close but i'm gonna go with no i. I think they're right next to each other. I think they're reiner each other. It's it's i'm rock. I'm rockin would. i'm gonna say sean she. But but i love i am in three i round. Three mc live action debuts based in san francisco. Shang cheever's is ant man john. She's better than me clear. Clear in the clear clear. Clear i shanxi better than that really so good so i will say just in terms of humor. Man's one of the funniest movies the yes. Exactly one of the top five is marva kamasi kamaz. Yeah i'm gonna go. I'm gonna go with shaanxi or ramming. I really dave history round for culturally rich diverse. mci movies with artists curated original soundtracks shanxi versus black panther. You put this on the on. The show can't do this. Let's do this. I'm going with the black panther black panther. I'm going back. It's like down five. Mci origin movies with multiple. flashback scenes. Cianci and captain marvel shock. She is clearly captain. Marvel at the model. Captain.

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