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The Denver zoo, adding to new male Asian elephants making the zoo home to the largest bachelor herd of Asian elephants in North America. Zoo spokesman Jake kubiak says male elephants have special needs almost like they go through puberty every year. So there can be a lot of challenges in you know, how we socialize them. And Mike, I say Denver zoo is is really uniquely qualified both in our facility and the expertise of our staff to be able to to manage exclusively bowls with the addition of Chuck and Jake the Denver zoo now has five male elephants. The two new ones we'll make their public debut later this fall after they become comfortable in their new home sports, Broncos two and three after thirty four sixteen drubbing at the hands of the jets head coach Vance Joseph. We won't move forward as we are. Today. So we'll see who's who's who's who's the best players for us to play next week. And we'll see as far as the scheme and the game plan of how we proceed here. Broncos have now lost three straight games. Next update at eleven thirty David KO KOA, NewsRadio eight fifty AM and ninety four one FM. You'll wrote are remarkably delightful across the metro rights. Now, the only thing that will slow you down. He's construction on the left lane of boulevard between I seventy and fifty-six going into the airport. So please do allow a little extra time, and I seventy still closed from silverthorn to just east of the Eisenhower tunnel in the high country outside of that the rest of I seventy I twenty five and I two to five terrific, wonderful and wide open, your CBS, four weather this evening. A little drizzle in the air rights now mixed in with some patchy fog and a chance.

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