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He was going for a cat Stevens look, but it doesn't really work when you have a retainer. He also had a tendency to refer to me as melody. Join us next time for more true stories told Live this week. Camp cars, cockroaches and the Kremlin on the moth radio Hour from p R X Tonight at eight on 93.9 FM w N. Y c I'm Melissa Harris Perry in for Tanzania, Vega and this is the takeaway. All right. A little story last summer, my family and I we knew we were really lucky because in the midst of a deadly global pandemic, we had a home. Jobs we could do remotely and secure health insurance. Also, rather, incredibly, we had a brilliant millennial with an elementary education degree who had just rented our guest house. So under these circumstances, I definitely didn't feel like I could do a lot of quarantine complaining. Still, like so many others are crew felt isolated. We felt the loss of long anticipated moments like that moment when my eldest daughter graduated high school in our living room, and all of us spiraled with grief and rage when Brianna Taylor And Ahmad Arbor. It was hunted and shot and when George Floyd was murdered in broad daylight So facing a summer last summer without camps or travel or even played AIDS, I knew I had to do something to counter this world of illness, death and loss. It was threatening to consume us and that is when I launched our families. Black Joy camp. Together our family James Parker, Anna Melissa created a 10 Week plan to get us through the summer. We focused on topics like sports stories, art, music, science, robotics and, yes, social change. So again, it's our first day of camp and we're doing sports today. Remember? And what is the theme of our camps? Black joy, black joy and again. What does Joy mean to you love, peace and happiness, love, peace and happiness. So our sports camp where we're going to have love, peace and happiness, one of the things we have to have as healthy bodies. Healthy bodies that do fun things. So today we're going to stretch We're gonna run. We're gonna drink some water. We read books about Mae Jemison, Shirley Chisholm and Simone Biles. We memorized Nikki Giovanni poetry and learned how to spot a bus square up painting. Brianna let our black girl yoga every morning and my daughters had parent free sister time. Every afternoon during music week. We listened to elephants. Gerald? Yeah. Oh, I know our music song. Tell me Music's on. I'll do it. And you see, it's like, Well, you don't sound like elephants. Gerald. That's for sure. I do. I do have Okay. Do you remember when Ella Fitzgerald said, accentuate the positive and eliminate the negative yet? And what did that mean? Good thinks bigger. Bad things smaller. You got it. And during feel good week we got intentional about loving the beautiful black Selves we see in the mirror. And what about your face? What do you see when you look at Anna's face? Felix. Beautiful. It does. I think so, too. Do you love yourself? How much 100 impression. Grandpa Perry led a zoom session about James Weldon Johnson and cousin Chris taught.

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