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Exactly that they just said collins issue is the list management was put it up for everybody to say calton's issues they list management thereof applying plies. Their stuff have you seen some of the contracts that these clubs thrown around and the money that all more correct to be looking. We're talking about review not just on the football field but in all of the corners of the football club but the contracts are contracts mike konczal. It's too bad to say honor there now but as people decision still there. Is that something. We need to look at moving forward. What is what is the process full signing up to long term contracts. Where does it go to any decision. What what are the processes that goes the consulates or cracks me up that people about the brodie grundy situation and all that had eight you saw on that. You'll tell me. Eddie mcguire president. The club wouldn't have signed off on a one million contract so dan on sold it all the board the board the board know whoever was looking after it had nothing to do with part of what he did. Just seeking toll out of boards thinking better. Just let you just get the field stuff effort self. Stop sticking your nose in the trough. Paid pets dad. Here's something else. Well what else though. He's one of the things you know. It's rosie elroy for this week devon robertson he is saved around fifteen and be rausing. Staffers efforts in the lines. Forty four point mauling of the cats on the weekend. Sixteen disposals twenty pressure acts to a goal seasons. Four tackles and kept you also with divisively bicyclers thirteen touches on those dino side. It's the first one that the lines have got surprising other lost you. That had shit look tax drugs. They've got a lot of mets second and third year bracket. But it's nice to see someone getting some reward after a consistent season not supplying a couple of good games and then expecting that the gun get one. He's a bowl is a genuine midfielder. Bowl is just another one brisbane. Boys' i'll tell you what they when they play in those jumpers. I just look. I just looked tough. I just tough in his jump on jump is going to be di yet. But i think they just gonna have to rename it to the james jordan award and a but does because i've got human clayton oliva in a multi for the end of the year. There's always a catch convo jordan. More friends you into all of you are as dodge's christopher guys back back in your own business ventures someone has tobacco or audie. hi giant Yes get into something. Want to talk about quickly. Splashing the cash. Not so much on the contract news this way but i think the big one to come out over the weekend was patty crips fondly putting to rest a lot of speculation that was going on with him. He saw ends up again at countless literally going to finish his career he missile. Yeah there was a point. I go something like oh my goodness what did you sign that full. I well you know. Maybe he's got..

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