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Nothing is off limits and now for your host, Chad. Either everybody. Welcome to another episode of the chedda proof of show. I am joined by my lovely wife. Jade Jade, I gotta ask you. What is the craziest thing you've ever done physically potentially harmful to your body like ever jumped off of a building motorcycled jumped across a car. Have you ever I've ridden with you driving? So I know that Saint juris, but don't you think about that for a second in? I want you to put some thought into that say Hello to everybody everybody. Now. While you think about things that you've done to. Remember when I was sixteen and I had my little Ford ranger, and Jen, and I were trying to get to I think Cleveland, and we ended up getting lost in godly. So this is out in the middle of nowhere down here in Texas. So we were on our way back, of course, back then there were no cellphones. There was no map. There was no nothing. We just hope for the best. We were coming around the corner not a corner, but it was like a Kerr part of the road. And when we did we went up onto wills. My driver's side. And we ended up we didn't flip or anything like that. But it was very scary. And we ended up like turning around in the middle of the road weaned landed in somebody's yard. And it was thank God somebody's yard because we hadn't seen a house in a few miles and the family came out and helped us I'd blown a tire, and they helped us get it off and everything else. And we went home we were pretty shocked. It was an accident. You didn't mean to do it now? All right. So our guest today, Eddie Braun is a Hollywood stuntman. He means to do. So like that. And he's a pro at it. And we got a great conversation. We got great sponsors though. You know, I'm excited because I'm sitting here looking we've got to get that set up right there. You people always ask us. We're always on the road. I'm on the road. And they're like, how do you do that? 'cause you advertise when you're on the road. I mean, you're not worried about that. I'm like, Nope. Absolutely. Not because first of all we have pretty well trained personal protection dogs. And we are we're in Texas, obviously, we're well. Armed we have. An incredible security system. Somebody's always at the house that we always have somebody here. Yeah. It's never empty. So even when we're both out of town. We've always got somebody around here in in pretty good deal. But I'll tell you something that has made it very secure is, you know, we believe in peace of mind in if.

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